Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

How does breast lift (mastopexy) help to retain youthful appearance?

The breast lift helps to solve such a common problem as breast sagging, which occurs for a number of reasons such as rapid weight loss, pregnancy, lactation, hormonal and age-related changes in the body. Mastopexy is a surgical operation aimed at improving the shape of the breast. The breast lift is performed only by this way but not with the help of cosmetic products. Non-surgical breast lifting is nothing more than an attempt to sell some super cream or advertising a massage or fitness center.

The breast lift

is indicated primarily for women with a sagging breast. If you plan to have children in the future, do not do mastopexy because pregnancy and feeding will destroy all the work of plastic surgeons. The operation is prescribed for women with large breasts. In this case, one operation for a breast lift is usually not enough. To correct the shape of mammary glands of large volume, it is also necessary to perform a breast reduction operation.

The essence of the surgery is to remove excess skin and raise the nipple together with the areola. The technique of the mastopexy will depend on the level of sagging breast. The operation for a breast lift is much like a breast reduction operation. The difference is that when the breast is reduced, not only the skin and fat but also part of the breast tissue is removed.

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia and under local anesthesia. It depends on various factors, including your preferences, general condition, and the choice of an anesthesiologist. One of the drawbacks of plastic surgery and breast lifting is the formation of scars at the site of the incisions. These scars, depending on the incision, can remain around the nipple as well as downward from it.

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