How long can I wait to get crown after implant?

If you get dental implants, crown inserts are a big part of the process. Your dentist will implant a prosthesis and put a crown on it to replace your old dentist. You will use a crown of suffering and torture, it will make your smile look creative.

You probably want to know how long you have to wait to get your crown. After a dental implant, the time it takes to complete the treatment is different for each patient. However, some common complications affect the duration of treatment after a dental implant.

Absolute time will pass for osteointegration to occur. Osteointegration refers to the process by which functional and structural connections take place between the living bone and the surface of the incision.

The bone is immediately attached to the insert to show sufficient stability to support the tooth. We will then insert a dental implant into the bone to replace part of the root canal. Once this has happened, it will take several months for the osteointegration to take place.

Osteointegration usually takes about 4 to 6 months. Once the osteointegration is complete, we can insert a dental crown, allowing the patient to suffer without any complications.

Dental crown after implant

During the traditional procedure, the dentist implants the patient’s mouth and inserts it into the incisors. Then the dentist places an abutment and a temporary crown on top of it. After that, the dentist feels the sensation of the mouth to send to the laboratory to build the crown.

The patient is sent home for treatment. During this time, osteointegration will take place. Osteointegration refers to the union of bones and joints. This provides the necessary stability to support long teeth. The patient should keep the crown temporarily during this time.

The patient receives a permanent crown after the procedure. As soon as the abutment is inserted into the implant and stressed, the dentist places a temporary crown on the abutment.

In some cases, a neck brace will not be needed after the second surgery, which means abutment will be applied to the crown temporarily. The temporary crown will last about four to six weeks.

Chewing gum will heal around it for its natural appearance. It is often used to protect the implant from suffering soldiers before the permanent crown is ready and to allow the bone marrow to harden. During this time, the royal laboratory will perform a permanent crown.

The production process can take about two or three weeks or less. Therefore, it is necessary to have several royal appointments for the insertion of the crown. The dentist will consider the available options – patients can choose between portable, portable or hybrid.

Removable – this is the same as the normal prosthesis of mobility and can be either complete or partial. The crown is placed under the ground and placed on a metal platform attached to the insert. The systems are well-coordinated but can be relocated for regular maintenance or cleaning.

Fixed – in this case, the royal crown will be either permanently placed or placed in a fixed position. Teeth are not removed for any reason.

This is the most common thing – to put a crown on his crown. Since the inserts are very strong, several teeth can be supported by a single insert if they are connected.

How long does it take to put a crown on an implant?

Crowns on implant are fixed prostheses that are applied to the jawbone by surgeons for one, several or all dental deficiencies after the titanium screws in the form of roots are integrated with the bone (about 2-6 months).

It takes 20 days to prepare the crowns, but the tooth structure is expected to heal. This period is usually several months. Depends on person. If he has a healthy mouth structure and strong bones, this period may be shorter.

A large part of this time is the healing period in the mouth, not the preparation period of the crowns. The preparation part takes a short time. But in general, crowns on implants are completed in about 3 months.

You may need to visit the dentist several times during this time. Because if some problems are detected, they need to be intervened and corrected.

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