How Long to Wait For Dental Implants After Extraction?

If there is a widespread inflammation in the extracted tooth, if there is a large cyst in the relevant area or if the implant cannot be placed after tooth extraction, it is necessary to perform the necessary surgical procedures and wait a few months.

In such cases, implant application should be avoided immediately after tooth extraction. As it is known, implants are titanium materials in the form of tooth roots produced from titanium with advanced technology.

Until a short time ago, after tooth extraction, it was waited for at least 3 months for the cavity of the extracted tooth to be filled with bone, then the implant was placed, a period of 2-3 months was spent as an adaptation period, then the superstructure was shaped in the form of the tooth.

This would cause the patient to remain toothless for 6-7 months. Today, during the tooth extraction session, an implant is placed in the cavity of the extracted tooth.

The implant is stored and applied in its own special liquid in an oxygen-free environment. Tissue proteins attack the implant surface due to the feature of the implant, resulting in much faster healing.

In a short period of time, such as a few weeks, the bone grip ratio of the implant is measured with devices, it is determined whether there is sufficient adaptation, and the porcelain crown on the implant is finished. 20 days is enough for this procedure.

Currently, there are also solutions for teeth that have already been lost and whose bone thickness has ceased to be appropriate due to melting over time.

If the bone size, i.e. bone diameter and depth are appropriate, an implant can be applied immediately to replace the old tooth loss. But all unused organs undergo atrophy, that is, shrinkage.

In such cases, if the bone is insufficient, new bone tissue is first created in the relevant area and then an implant is applied.

Tooth Extraction and Immediate Implant Treatment

The opinion that is accepted scientifically all over the world is that the implant is placed immediately as soon as the tooth is pulled out. In fact, the most important reason is the prevention of bone loss. As soon as the tooth is pulled out, the bone shrinks in the first 24 hours.

Another important problem is that the gradual onset of bone loss after tooth extraction leads to a decrease in bone volume, and also causes thinning of the gums.

This means that it will cause aesthetic problems with the tooth that will be done in the future. But in some cases, the implant cannot be placed as soon as the tooth is pulled out.

In cases where there are extensive shooting defects, bone grafts are placed to support the bone, waited for 4-5 months, and then an implant is made. Each case of implants is different.

As a result of tooth extraction, implant placement immediately, tooth extraction, and implant removal in a single operation are also more comfortable for the patient.

Implant treatment is an ideal planning job. The high success rate depends on many criteria. Implant treatments are important not only for the placement of a tooth there but also for the aesthetics of the inserted tooth.

Today, supporting and strengthening the bone with classical and advanced methods is very important for the success of the implant. That is why the methods of bone formation are developing rapidly.

What to expect after tooth extraction?

After tooth extraction, food is not eaten for a certain period of time. In order for the wound in the area where the tooth was pulled to heal, care should be taken to rest for a certain period of time. The tampon placed after the shot should not be taken for at least 20 minutes.

The healing process usually continues for several days. There are several steps that can be taken to minimize any discomfort that may be felt during this process, reduce the risk of infection, and speed up recovery. First of all, painkillers must necessarily be used as prescribed.

It is necessary to bite firmly but gently through the gauze inserted by the dentist exactly to both reduce bleeding and prevent the formation of a clot in the tooth socket. It is necessary to change the gauze before sucking the blood thoroughly and completely.


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