How much are veneers in Turkey?

Veneers this unique invention of aesthetic dentistry has become available not only to stars and celebrities. Today, a beautiful snow-white smile is a sign of health, well-being, consistency and success. Veneers improve a person’s smile, his emotions and face. They are invisible on the teeth, look natural and beautiful. So, how much are veneers in Turkey?

The high technology of vinyl allows you to make the finest lining on the teeth in exactly the same way repeating the relief and all the features of your own teeth. Veneers do not spoil your natural teeth, they do not cause inconvenience, they do not need to be changed with years, and they can serve for decades. How much are veneers in Turkey? Usually, the cheapest veneers cost Turkey is € 159. Average veneers cost Turkey is about € 296 where prices can go as high as € 450.

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How much are veneers in Turkey will depend on a several factors

Veneers can be made from ceramic, porcelain, or composite binder, and the most popular ones used by many surgeons around the world are porcelain because they are more durable and stronger, and also offer a more natural look. Depending on the type of veneer, as well as the number of teeth for which a patch will be required, you will know from your dentist how much are veneers in Turkey.

With the help of these thin ceramic pads, you can solve such problems with teeth as:

  • chips and enamel damage;
  • violation of the tooth shape;
  • uneven dentition;
  • the ugly colour of teeth;
  • colour disorders of tooth enamel – dark spots;
  • abrasion of the tooth surface;
  • the gap between the teeth;
  • cracks in the teeth.

How much are veneers in Turkey can range from € 159 to € 450. Many people ask why veneers are so expensive because it’s just a thin plate. What does the price of veneers depend on?

The ceramics from which veneers are made are not so expensive. Its cost is only about 3-5% of the whole price. It is produced and supplied from Germany, America and Japan. Therefore, the prices for veneers are completely independent of the cost of the material. The very work of a specialist is what affects the price of the veneers. Thus, the skill that determines the prices for veneers, comes only with experience, and consequently – over the years. The thinner the design in the oral cavity, the longer it takes to make, fix and treat the teeth. Prepare a tooth for a crown is much easier than to do it with a thin veneer.

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How much are veneers?