Is it possible to get full mouth dental implants?

Yes it is possible. However, get full mouth dental implants, your mouth structure and bone health must be suitable for this.

Full mouth dental implant is the treatment of the jaws with implants and bridges over the implant in case of complete toothlessness or if all the teeth need to be pulled out for certain reasons.

Although full dentures are usually used in toothless mouths, it is quite difficult from a functional and psychological point of view for the patient to get used to using full dentures.

In order to overcome these disadvantages, prosthetic options that are placed on the implant and supported by implants stand out.

In dental Implantology, cases are evaluated differently in terms of surgical and prosthetic aspects according to their degree of difficulty. In general, all cases are classified as simple, advanced and complex.

Surgically, cases in which there are no bone defects and anatomical formations do not adversely affect the case are considered simple, while cases in which bone-related problems occur in the possible area where the implant socket will be located are considered surgically advanced and complex.

From the prosthetic point of view, on the other hand, in all cases of Implantology, the degree of difficulty is determined depending on the number and region of dental deficiencies.

For example, cases of posterior single tooth deficiency are considered simple, while cases of anterior single tooth deficiency are classified as advanced and complex.

From this point of view, total toothlessness cases that will be rehabilitated with fixed restorations on all arc implants are the most difficult cases of Implantology.

What is full mouth dental implants?

First of all, it should be noted that for a successful application, anatomical and morphological conditions must be favorable.

Usually, when two or four implants are used, a movable implant-mounted Snap-On prosthesis or a bar overdenture prosthesis is performed. For a fixed bridge in full toothless jaws, at least 6 or 8 implants are applied, which is ideal for at least 6.

All on 4 implant treatment options, in which 4 implants are applied in Full mouth dental implant, have also become a common method in recent years. A condition in which all the teeth in the mouth are missing is called complete toothlessness.

Many special dental treatment options can be applied for these types of patients. Implant treatment is one of the most preferred methods by dentists.

If there are no teeth in the mouth, either it is necessary to use the full palate that is inserted and removed, or it is necessary to take advantage of the possibility of implant teeth.

How is full mouth dental implant performed?

When all mouth prostheses are placed on implants, it usually happens in two ways. Firstly between six and eight implants are available in the mouth.

On top of these implants, the entire mouth is glued, fixed exactly like an implant is fixed on the teeth, and the patient uses it without removing it.

Secondly; again, it settles with a system that is distributed throughout the mouth and is placed on the implants with a movable system, we call it a snap style, it settles with a system.

The patient can install and remove these prostheses at any time. In this way, it is also possible to use prostheses that compensate for the melting parts of the jaw bones.

An implant is placed in the form of a cavity to the extent that the judge allows in the jawbone. In this way, it is possible to make seven implants for the next 14 teeth and it is possible to apply 12 teeth on six in another planning.

For patients who do not have any bones, a movable prosthesis can be made on it by applying at least one implant. Since the bone in the upper jaw is soft, the number of implants should be at least four.

The prosthesis type, which can be attached and removed on the implants, provides relatively more comfortable chewing, speech and aesthetics.

In other words, if your bone structure gives hands, having a bridge over a fixed implant instead of a prosthesis that can be inserted and removed allows you to chew better and feel more comfortable.


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