Recovery after Dental Implants

The recovery after dental implants by fusing with bone can be called the same as in cases of fracture. In general, healing begins within a period of 4-5 weeks, and varies between about 8-12 weeks and the recovery time is completed and the tooth becomes wearable.

Any complications in the practice of implant therapy even after treatment, a specific time is needed for healing and regeneration of tissues in the process of operation, oral care, and if we had a few basic points such as nutrition, post-treatment complications, we can completely prevent.

How long does the pain last after Dental Implants?

After dental implant treatment, no large-scale pain is felt, and drug therapy is applied to minimize the pain caused by sensitivity in the teeth and prevent possible infections.

In order not to experience pain after the operation, certain points should be paid attention to in the nutrition and care processes and especially hard shell food groups should be avoided.

It is an important point that the pain after the operation will also be reduced as much as possible if we follow the recommendations of the attending physician completely throughout the process.

During dental implant treatment, local or general anesthesia is applied according to the preference of the patients. The patient does not experience any pain during implant surgery.

But because the jawbone and gum are opened during implant surgery, the pain and pain after this surgical procedure are quite normal. Although pain and pain are normal in patients who have not been treated with implants, it is unlikely that they will experience high pain.

The pains that are usually experienced are of low severity and do not have a negative impact on people’s lives. The pains that may be experienced are minimized by the use of prescribed medications. Patients also have responsibilities to minimize pain after a dental implant.

How is the recovery process after Dental Implants?

The recovery after dental implants depends on the number of implants you have had. The healing times of a single implant, many implants, or All-On-4 implants vary. Simply put, the larger the number of implants, the longer the healing process.

If implant treatment is to be performed on a patient who has experienced a decrease in bone volume due to sagging of the sinuses, a surgical intervention called sinus removal is first performed in the treatment.

The first 30 minutes after the operation, you make a firm but slight pressure by biting off the given gauze packs and make them stay in place.

For almost everyone, bleeding stops within the first 30 minutes. If you are still bleeding after 30 minutes of tight pressure, you can hold the new gauze for another 30 minutes. You should change the gauze every 30 to 45 minutes until the bleeding stops.

How long does it take to recover after Dental Implants?

Implant surgeries, like other surgeries, require a healing process. The recover after Dental Implants may vary depending on how the surgery done, how well you take care of yourself afterwards, and how your body responds to the implant treatment.

Usually, 5-7 days are enough for all symptoms to subside. However, in some patients this period may vary depending on different factors.

The things that patients should do during the postoperative wound healing process and at the expected time for the completion of osteointegration can be summarized as follows.

In the first two to three weeks after implant surgery, they should learn from their physicians the details of what they need to do to heal the wound and the surrounding area and apply them to the letter.

From the area where there are seams, it is necessary to remove the accumulated food residues. It is necessary to use the antibiotics recommended by the doctor for the purpose of protection against infection, paying attention to their time.

Your doctor may have given medications in different items to make wound healing quick and easy. You should use them exactly as they were described to you. Control appointments should not be neglected.

At the time directed by your doctor, and if necessary, he will give you an appointment again to get the stitches. It should be remembered that some types of seams have to be taken.

Some types of stitches, on the other hand, melt and fall off by themselves. In the first 15-21 days, wounds and tissue irregularities opened by surgery will heal.

The time of wound healing can completely vary depending on the patient’s wound care, the patient’s systemic diseases or habits that can have a positive or negative effect on healing, the width of the surgical site, and the type of surgery.

The process of boiling to the bone is a process that should be medically avoided. The patient’s impatient attitude, lack of respect for the rules will negatively affect the result.

Such a wrong attitude can frustrate all the fatigue experienced by the patient, the troubles caused by the operation, his expectations for a good direction, the fatigue and labor of the doctor at once.

During the waiting months, your doctor will monitor the wound healing and implant status with radiological examinations or clinical examinations that will be performed when necessary.


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