Recovery after Full Set of Veneers

Full Set of Veneers are a type of veneer with increased durability made of reinforced porcelain with glass support instead of metal substructure.

It is an indispensable veneer type of aesthetic dentistry due to the fact that the light transmittance of the structure called ’empress’ used in its infrastructure is close to perfect and it does not contain any metal.

Recovery after Full Set of Veneers may be a little shorter than other dental treatments, and the healing process is easier. Full compliance with Full Set of Veneers takes about 10 days. After two weeks, there is no big difference between the feeling and function of natural teeth and empress ceramic decking.

How long does the pain last after Full Set of Veneers?

If the Full Set of Veneers boundaries are made long enough to put pressure on the gum, it will cause pain as it will constantly irritate the gum during chewing. In this case, the prostheses must be replaced and finished in gum-compatible borders.

If the prostheses are not made in accordance with the patient’s closure, if they are made high or wide, they cause pain, a feeling of compression in the opposite and adjacent teeth.

The solution is to take the height, if any, and relieve the pressure on the neighboring tooth. As time goes on, retractions occur in the gums, and the prosthesis-gum harmony is disturbed in the teeth that are covered. The root surface is exposed and hot cold sensitivity occurs in the tooth.

These areas are also difficult-to-clean areas, and caries can form on the teeth. Nutrients and dental stones that accumulate under the veneer due to insufficient hygiene cause caries. If the treatment is delayed, it may result in root canal treatment or tooth loss.

How is the recovery process after Full Set of Veneers?

It is a porcelain with increased durability obtained by cooking glass ceramics on a ceramic core with a crystal structure compressed under pressure, without using a metal infrastructure. Although these teeth are also known as full porcelain teeth, they are all composed of ceramics.

Full Set of Veneers are performed on small molars, incisors in the anterior region where aesthetics becomes important, and on the area that is empty in some single tooth deficiencies. It is entirely up to the patient himself to extend the life of the Full Set of Veneers.

Although Full Set of Veneers have been around for about 10 years, the oral and dental health care required to extend this period should not be disrupted. Full Set of Veneers, like natural teeth, can turn yellow or deteriorate over time.

Although this is a natural process, it is useful to brush your teeth regularly every day and use dental floss every day to minimize the negative effects that may occur. In addition, it is also effective to use a quality mouthwash again after brushing your teeth.

On the other hand, avoiding acidic foods and drinks after Full Set of Veneers or not consuming too much in the same way helps to extend the life of porcelain. In short, the recovery process after Full Set of Veneers may vary according to the patient’s care process.

How long does it take to recover after Full Set of Veneers?

One of the most curious issues of those who will have Full Set of Veneers is whether porcelain will cause allergies in the mouth. Full Set of Veneers do not cause any allergic reactions in the mouth due to the use of porcelain with glass support rather than metal.

Together with the first design prepared, compliance problems are observed and fixed permanently. Therefore, there is no situation that requires you to be afraid. It takes a very short time to recover after a Full Set of Veneers. You will recover in about 10-15 days and resume normal nutrition.

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