Are Dental Implants Painful?

When applying a dental implant, it is performed with the method of general or local anesthesia according to the wishes of the patients.

There is no pain due to the application of anesthesia. Due to the fact that the jawbone and gums are opened after the application of a dental implant, mild pain may be felt due to this surgical procedure. Post-implant pain is a fairly normal and not felt pain.

These pains are temporary with the use of medications that dentists will give. The biggest task associated with the passage of pain after a dental implant falls on patients.

The use of antibiotics should be done carefully so that bacteria do not form in the mouth and infection does not occur. In addition, the degree of pain felt can also vary depending on the patient’s pain threshold.

Since the pain varies from person to person, it is not correct to say something for sure about the severity of the pain, but it can be stated that it is not severe pain. In a long process, patients need to show the sensitivity that will be necessary for dental and oral health.

No other medications should be used other than the medications prescribed by dentists. Movements that will strain the jaw should be avoided and smoking should be avoided. Implant treatment is more difficult than a tooth extraction. Pains will occur immediately after the surgical procedure.

There is nothing to be afraid of if the implant is made with high-quality material, the right diagnosis, the right operation, and a qualified dentist. It is more about not having a dental checkup, this condition occurs because patients only go to the dentist when they have to get treatment.

Will I feel pain during the implant operation?

For a painless intervention, the local anesthesia that we use during tooth extraction is sufficient. In accordance with certain medical requirements, and sometimes at the request of the patient, conscious sedation or general anesthesia may be required.

The painkillers we will give you are enough for you to have a comfortable time after the operation. Most of our patients talk about an ailment that is less common than that heard during tooth extraction.

After the end of your treatments, you will not even feel the presence of implants in your mouth. The biggest fear of patients who have to have an implant is that the implant is a painful procedure.

They believe that implant treatment is painful and painful with misinformation and superstitions. However, implant treatment can be performed quite easily, painlessly and painlessly with the developing technology. 

The implant is normally intimidating because it is a treatment practice in the form of opening the gum and inserting screws into the roots of the teeth and fixing the teeth to these screws.

Today, thanks to the developing anesthesia methods and the technological implant equipment used, it turns out that this fear is unnecessary.

There is no need to be afraid, as numbness of the gums during implant treatment is a routine procedure for the dentist. Depending on the surgical procedures to be performed on your jawbone, there may be mild implant pain after the treatment, but you will not feel any pain during treatment.

In addition, thanks to electronic needles developed in recent years, the anesthetic substance is administered in such a way that it does not exceed the pain threshold, and therefore pain is not felt even at the stage of the needle for anesthesia.

In some cases, into local anesthesia, a sedation method is also used. Sedation is advantageous for patients with ankylosing spondylitis and who are afraid of the dentist. In this method, the patient is provided with relief by inhalation or intravenous drug administration.

The patient hears the doctor and can answer questions, but does not feel pain or soreness. Pain in implant treatment can be seen at a mild level after treatment.

How long does the pain last after a dental implant?

Patients want to know how long they will experience pain after the procedure and aim to start treatment in a prepared manner. Complaints of pain most often do not occur if the patient uses his medications. In rare cases, very mild pain may be felt on the day of the procedure.

This pain can also be eliminated with the use of medications. It should be known here that the pain is not severe enough to affect the daily life of patients. Most patients do not experience such severe pain after the installation of the implant that they need to rest at home.

At the same time, a condition does not develop that will completely stop feeding or talking. After the implant is installed, patients can talk easily. There may be some problems only at the point of chewing hard foods. Because for several days it is already not recommended to chew hard foods.

As a result, there is no need for patients to have serious concerns about the pain experienced after installing the implant.


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