During canthoplasty, the surgeon will cut through the orbicularis oculi muscle and lift the lower eyelid. The procedure is commonly done on patients who suffer from drooping lower eyelids.

The surgery is usually performed under local or intravenous anesthesia. The surgeon will place a plastic shield over the eyes and clean the area. Afterward, the incisions will be closed.

The canthoplasty process should be performed by a qualified, experienced surgeon. This will ensure that the procedure will yield positive results. In order to prevent complications, you must follow the surgeon’s post-operative instructions carefully.

The canthoplasty procedure is typically performed under local or intravenous anesthesia. Your surgeon will give you instructions on how to care for your eyes. If necessary, your surgeon can prescribe ophthalmic solutions and oral antibiotics to aid in your healing. You should also avoid rubbing your eyes for a few weeks.


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    How is the healing process?

    Generally, the recovery process after a canthoplasty is quite simple. But, like any other surgical procedure, there are some precautions you should take to ensure a safe and fast recovery. You will be given a few tips by your surgeon. The most important thing to keep in mind is to follow the post-op instructions closely. This will help you to get better results and avoid complications.

    During your first few days after surgery, you will need to rest your eyes. It is best to try to sleep with your head elevated to minimize swelling. You should also avoid activities that increase blood flow to your eyes. If you are able to do this, you will be able to resume normal activities in about a week.

    The most important thing to remember after a canthoplasty is to keep your eyes dry. This means no swimming, water or bright lights. You should also replace your bandage every day. You might be prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection.

    What are the Canthoplasty Risks?

    Generally speaking, canthoplasty is a procedure that is safe and can be beneficial to patients. 

    Before undergoing canthoplasty, it is important to decide whether the procedure is right for you. Depending on your vision, your plastic surgeon will choose the correct type of canthoplasty for you. This will help to determine how long it will take for you to heal.

    You may experience swelling and bruising, as well as changes in your vision. You should wear a cold pack to control the swelling. It may take a week or two before your swelling fades. You should also avoid straining your eyes for the first few days.

    Why should you choose Turkey for a Canthoplasty?

    Having canthoplasty surgery in Turkey is a great way to get the more youthful looks you have been looking for. 

    This operation, which is performed by expert surgeons in Turkey, is safe and at the same time, one of the answers to the question of why we should have it done in Turkey is that this operation is not performed by every plastic surgeon in Turkey, but only by doctors who have accreditation and experience in this operation.

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    Why is Canthoplasty cheaper in Turkey?

    Getting canthoplasty in Turkey is a good choice if you are looking to improve the shape of your eyes. 

    One of the reasons why it is cheaper is that Turkey has support for medical tourism, the state does not charge taxes from most private clinics, but undertakes the import of the materials required for this procedure. Thanks to the competition of aesthetic clinics in Turkey, prices are affordable.

    How much does a Canthoplasty cost in Turkey?

    Whether you’re looking to enhance your appearance or correct an eyeball problem, Canthoplasty in Turkey is a great choice. 

    The cost of the operation will vary, the surgeon needs to examine you and know what you are facing. The average amount you will pay is between $ 1100 and $ 2000. If you wish, some clinics can provide online consultancy in such operations and warn you about the prices in advance.

    Canthoplasty Cost in Turkey vs UK

    Compared to other countries, the cost of Canthoplasty in Turkey is lower. This is because of the higher quality of care and the lower labor and living costs. It is also possible to find cheaper clinics, especially inland ones. However, it is important to find a fully qualified eye-plastic surgeon.

    In Turkey you will expect to pay around 1100 $ to 2000$ but in the UK this price is going %60 up you need to expect to pay around 5500 $ to 8000 $ for a simple procedure.

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