There are many dental treatment types. Dental treatment, especially in the aesthetic sense, uses different methods. Many methods, such as teeth whitening, dental implant treatment, Hollywood smile, are applications that make you have a more beautiful smile. Dental aesthetics ensures that all defects in the patient’s teeth are corrected. 

Cracks, missing teeth, or discoloration of the tooth surface can solve the size or shape of many different things. The dental surgery is safe and completely painless. You can see the excellent results from the first meeting. 

Each patient uses different dental treatment types. The specialist first examines the patient and determines whether he or she needs cosmetic or dental treatment. Then apply these procedures step by step. Generally speaking, people who want to have a beautiful smile and bright and white teeth prefer cosmetic dental treatment.

  • Dental Bridge

Dental bridge is a treatment method to fill the space formed by missing and missing teeth. It is formed by connecting two or more dental crowns to the teeth. These crowns will support the bridge adjacent to the replacement tooth. In short, a dental bridge is a restoration for missing teeth in the oral cavity. 

This method is a long-term procedure for oral health. Over time, it began to be applied in different ways. Where it is impossible to apply it or with different indications, implant therapy may be the first choice. Dental bridges can also be applied to implants.

  • Dental Crowns

There are so many treatment options in dental treatment that dental disease is no longer a problem today. Dental treatments can be easily performed through continuously evolving technology and treatment methods. Dental crowns are one of these treatments. It is a treatment method suitable for problematic teeth with material loss due to fractures, tooth decay and similar reasons. 

Using the crown method can reduce the number of adjacent teeth of one or more patients with missing teeth, and eliminate these dental defects with the support of veneers made of special materials. 

Therefore, possible gum problems, bone loss, loss of chewing ability and aesthetic deterioration are avoided. The materials used in the treatment are very diverse. It is not correct to decide on your own material selection. For this, you must decide together with your dentist and choose the right material for your oral structure.

  • Dental Fillings

Tooth filling is a type of dental surgery used to restore the normal function of teeth damaged by tooth decay. This treatment can also prevent more tooth decay. 

The dentist will decide which type of filling is best for you and will consider the condition and factors of your teeth when making this decision. Different types of fillers can be applied to each patient.These factors include the size of the repair based on the size of the bruise, the part of the mouth to be filled, and the cost. 

For teeth that have lost structural integrity and function due to decay or wear, the process of removing damaged tissue from the teeth to restore its function and appearance is called dental fillings, and the materials used are also called filling materials. The area affected by decay is cleaned and filled with filling material to prevent bacteria from re-entering the cavity and decay.

  • Root Canal Treatment

.Modern dental technology and innovative dental technology ensure the cleaning and filling of the dental pulp layer. Although the nerve in the dental pulp is removed, the dental nerve can still perform its basic functions as the tooth protrudes from the gum and loses its function. 

One of the functions of the dental nerve is to sense the sensitivity of cold and heat. If the nerve tissue or pulp of the tooth is damaged, it will rot and bacteria will multiply here. As a result, infection or abscess may also occur. An abscess is a swelling that forms at the root of a tooth and is filled with pus. 

If it is not treated as quickly as possible, it can cause serious problems, such as loss of bone around the root of the tooth. The best way to treat this problem is endodontic treatment, that is, endodontic treatment. 

Root canal therapy is a technique applied to severely damage dental pulp that cannot repair itself. Currently, this treatment method uses very advanced dental technology and equipment.

  • Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that diagnoses and treats abnormal arrangements and irregularities of teeth, especially in the jaw area. Orthodontic treatment lasts for an average of 1 to 2 years. 

The orthodontist should check the braces at a specific time each month. Before starting orthodontic treatment, it is important that there are no decayed teeth in the mouth, no gingivitis or bleeding problems. If these problems exist, they must be corrected before starting treatment. 

Before orthodontic treatment, it is necessary to remove stones from the teeth. Patients with poor oral health or bleeding due to gum disease cannot undergo orthodontic treatment. With proper orthodontic treatment, you can have beautiful teeth and get rid of all existing dental diseases. Orthodontic treatment will bring you many real benefits.

  • Tooth extraction

It uses local anesthesia, general anesthesia, intravenous anesthesia or a combination of these methods to extract teeth from the alveolar bone. This short-term treatment is called tooth extraction. This more primitive and harsh treatment method is now more practical and painless. 

We know that most of you have this phobia. But there is nothing to worry about. You don’t feel anything during the operation, and you won’t even notice whether the operation is complete. This method is usually used in situations where dental treatment is not possible. It takes no more than 5-10 minutes to complete, and you can continue your daily life after the anesthesia subsides.

  • Dental implants

Dental implants are screws or root-like structures made of titanium, placed in the jawbone, with the aim of healing the bone around the implant and making it a part of itself. The reason why titanium is preferred is that it does not interact with body tissues and is a resistant material. 

If there is no serious infection, place the implant in a previously unrecovered cavity created by the missing tooth, or in a cavity after tooth extraction. Implants refer to inanimate substances placed in the body and living tissues. Dental implants are usually titanium-based screws or root-shaped structures, which are missing or placed in sockets opened in the jaw bone to restore the function and aesthetics of various teeth.

  • Dentures

Dentures are artificial teeth used to correct the teeth of people whose natural tooth structure has deteriorated or who have filled missing teeth due to various reasons. In addition to providing benefits for healthy tooth tissue, the use of dentures can also give you an aesthetic appearance and give full play to the functions of your teeth. 

Currently, dentures that can be applied to people of all ages, whether male or female, aim to restore lost chewing function and restore lost facial beauty.

  • Teeth whitening

This is a bleaching process that uses a substance similar to hydrogen peroxide. Thanks to this practical method, people with yellow teeth can have perfect teeth. Teeth whitening is suitable for people with healthy oral structure and teeth. For people with gum disease and similar problems, these diseases must be treated first. 

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic application and may not be suitable for everyone. The home teeth whitening and office type teeth whitening methods are applied. Office-style teeth whitening is done in the clinic. Home teeth whitening is done using methods recommended by dentists.

  • Dental veneers

Tooth veneers are a special treatment designed to help maintain the function of damaged or diseased teeth. Tooth veneers are used in restorative dentistry to repair broken and damaged teeth. There are many different types, each with advantages and disadvantages. In short, it is an artificial head shaped like a tooth. 

It uses specific teeth to rebuild its size, shape, appearance and increase function, or use it as a bridge next to the missing area to solve the missing teeth.

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