Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey is the most prevalent vision repair procedure for people that come to Turkey for eye surgeries.

Turkey is an excellent choice for Laser Eye Surgery. It’s even better than the finest. Because both the price and the quality are excellent. In this regard, it is the best choice for you. 

The average cost of Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey starts from 1.270 USD (1.030£) which is the most affordable price compared to the UK and the USA. We are doing Laser Eye Surgery in Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir, you can choose the best option for you.

Here you can find out and discover more information about Laser Eye Surgery journey in Turkey. Check all the details about Laser Eye Surgery costs, our clinic’s patients reviews, before & after photos from the best doctors, all-inclusive packages for Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey.

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    What is Laser Eye Surgery?

    With the advancement of medical technology, it is now possible to correct eye abnormalities and eliminate the need for glasses in patients with acceptable profiles using laser treatments. 

    While Excimer laser applications can treat visual abnormalities such as near sightedness and astigmatism to varying degrees, several problems connected to the transparent layer of the eye can also be treated with the same technology.

    The treatment of eye problems using laser technology, which is easy and does not require surgical procedures, provides a permanent improvement that lasts for life and soothes patients both physiologically and psychologically.

    Laser eye surgery is a common operation used to correct various sorts of vision problems by reshaping the surface of the eye using a laser. Laser eye surgery can treat near sightedness up to 10 degrees, astigmatism up to 6 degrees, and farsightedness up to 6 degrees, depending on the surgical approach used.

    How is Laser Eye Surgery Performed in Turkey?

    You will send your medical history to your eye doctor prior to laser eye surgery. Your doctor will choose which laser eye surgery approach is best for you based on this information. You will normally be requested to participate in an online conference with your eye doctor for this purpose, where you will also discuss the risks and benefits of the surgery, as well as the aftercare.

    Following your arrival in Istanbul, you will meet with your eye specialist for a check up and final confirmation that you are a candidate for the operation and method of choice. The laser eye surgery is usually performed the next day. The laser eye treatment typically takes between 5 and 15 minutes per eye. 

    Drop anesthetic is used during laser eye procedures to ensure that no pain is felt throughout the process. Following that, your eye doctor will remind you about aftercare. Your eyes will be light sensitive after the surgery. As a result, it is advised to wear glasses for the first 24 hours following laser eye surgery. A lengthy follow up is usually scheduled the day after laser eye surgery.

    What are the Laser Eye Surgery Risks?

    Let’s share the risks with you.

    •  Ocular dryness: Dry eye after laser eye surgery is traditionally a temporary phenomenon, but it can become a long-term issue if patients are not properly evaluated prior to surgery. Dry eye occurs after LASIK and PRK since the superficial pain receptors on the cornea’s surface need to regenerate and heal.
    • Luminescence and glare: ALL patients experience halos for a few days to a few weeks after laser eye surgery (both Lasik and surface ablation). This is due to light scattering caused by fluid inside the recently treated cornea. The halos fade away as the fluid clears. However, some patients experience permanent halos after surgery and find that their symptoms worsen at night.
    •  Virus infection: Infection is a risk with any surgical procedure. Fortunately, the infection rate is extremely low during laser eye surgery. From highest to lowest risk of infection, LASEK, PRK, blade LASIK, and Intra LASIK with a focused beam are the safest options. In very good eye clinics, the overarching risk of infection because once intra LASIK is 1 in 10,000 cases.
    •  Ectasia: This is a condition in which the cornea is much more elastic than usual and can become unstable after laser eye surgery. Over time, the cornea becomes ecstatic, or bulges and thins. This causes a change in vision and necessitates the use of glasses at first. Astigmatism worsens and causes ongoing issues.
    • Complications with flaps: Flap issues such as buttonholes, provisional flaps, and irregular fragmented flaps have been mentioned in Lasik laser eye procedures where the flap is created with a blade microkeratome.
    • Mild, gritty discomfort: Sprays can help with this, and your eyes should be back to normal in 3 to 6 months.
    • Visual disturbances: This usually goes away or can be successfully treated.

    Our Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey

    Should it be Done in Turkey or United Kingdom?

    Because the treatment is less expensive in foreign countries than in the UK, an increasing number of people are traveling abroad to have laser eye surgery. Patients can save up to 50% on the cost of laser eye surgery in nations across Europe and further afield, such as Asia and South America. 

    Going overseas for laser eye surgery entails additional expenses such as airfare and hotel accommodations. This will increase the entire cost of the process and may cost you more than if you had laser eye surgery at home.

    Medical tourism or traveling to another country only for a medical operation, has grown in popularity in recent years, and laser eye surgery is undoubtedly one of the most popular of all foreign medical procedures. 

    A big part of this is due to the cost of the procedure. The NHS’s rules and regulations state that the surgery can only be conducted for free on individuals who have degenerative conditions that put them at danger of blindness.

    It is healthier to take it in Turkey than in England. Because you can see everywhere how Turkey has developed itself in medical tourism. When you search Turkey for any eye surgery, you will see Turkey’s name on every page.

    Why is Turkey More Affordable?

    The cost of laser eye surgery varies from patient to patient, depending on the surgical procedure used. A doctor’s check up determines whether your eye is appropriate for laser eye surgery. 

    The approach to use is determined by the patient’s corneal thickness, corneal refraction map, and other data discovered during the test, as well as effective communication with the patient. Many people have had laser eye surgery at eye hospitals in Turkey that serve in the field of eyes and eye problems. 

    If the laser eye surgery is computed along with the evaluation charge, the total cost of the laser eye operation may differ. Laser eye surgeries, which are now considered safe, are performed by specialized doctors in various eye hospitals using internationally acknowledged techniques and technologies, with prices starting at 1200€ on average.

    The typical cost of laser eye surgery in the UK is roughly £1,000 per eye, while many other nations charge substantially less. Traveling overseas may allow you to save up to 50% on the cost of laser eye surgery. 

    Eastern European countries such as the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Poland, as well as several Asian countries such as Malaysia and Vietnam, provide substantially more affordable laser eye surgery. However, there are other countries where laser eye surgery is more expensive than in the UK, like Belgium and the United States.

    The reason why Turkey is affordable is that it is not valuable in the economic balance. But don’t let that bring anything bad to mind. Because an affordable but beautiful and successful surgery process is waiting for you.

    Laser Eye Surgery Reviews in Turkey

    Harry Cox
    Harry Cox
    Read More
    I’ve recently had my surgery with Çağıl Meriç and his team, i must admit I am very pleased and i will highly recommend them. Absolutely amazing experience. From start to finish I felt safe and comfortable in everyone’s hands. I would highly recommend this to anyone. I am almost 2 weeks post op and I feel great!
    Robert Cow
    Robert Cow
    Read More
    Everything went well. I had liposuction surgery, they took very good care of me. The doctor speaks great English and put me in ease. The hospital staff are really friendly and the room was really comfortable and clean. Hotel and vip transfer was perfect. Thanks Letsmedi.
    Allison Erik
    Allison Erik
    Read More
    I had gastric sleeve operation with you 1.5 years ago and I have lost 60 kg. It changed my life, as expected I had saggy skin which needs operation. I wanted to continue with this team. Its been already 2 months, I had a breast reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction, I cannot express enough how happy I am with my results after having my procedures. I got rid of from the saggy skin and finally have the good body shape. I want to say a huge thanks.
    Paula Entwistle
    Paula Entwistle
    Read More
    I had tummy tuck and 360 liposuction in December. I am satisfied with the results. Everytime i need something they did their best to help. I was sore first couple days as I have been told but after the third day I started to feel better and after 3 weeks I was ok to get back to normal.
    Fatima Abdjul
    Fatima Abdjul
    Read More
    The clinic with the Doctors and there nurses are excellent I have done a tummy tuck Lipo 360 and breast lift and they were very supportive and had a excellent team my results were looking good from day 1 I would recommend this clinic to everyone.


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