The neck lift process usually takes two to three hours, but it may take longer if a full facelift is performed. Most neck lift patients are able to return to their normal routines within a few days. However, the procedure does involve risks. These risks include bruising, swelling, and infection.

The neck lift procedure is typically performed under general or intravenous anesthesia. After surgery, a patient will be sent home and monitored by a physician. The incision lines are well concealed and usually run under or behind the ears. A bandage will be placed on the lower face and neck to help reduce bruising and bleeding.

If you are considering a neck lift, you should consult a board certified cosmetic surgeon. They can identify the best candidate for the procedure and determine which techniques are best suited for your needs.


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    How is the healing process?

    Whether you are considering a neck lift procedure or you have already had one, you should know how the recovery process works. It is a gradual process and takes time to heal. If you want to get the most out of the surgery, you should follow the doctor’s instructions for a successful recovery.

    The first day after surgery is typically the most uncomfortable. In the first week, you should avoid strenuous activities, including lifting heavy objects. You may also want to avoid taking long hot showers and steamy baths.

    You may also experience some bruising or swelling. However, these effects are normal and should fade within a few weeks. If you experience a headache or fever, you should see your doctor.

    A cold compress can reduce pain and swelling. You should also be sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions on how to care for the wounds. It’s a good idea to take pain medicine regularly. You should avoid alcohol, which can interfere with healing.

    What are the Neck Lift Risks?

    If you are considering having a neck lift, you should talk to a qualified surgeon about your risks. 

    Common risks include infection, numbness, and scarring. These may be temporary, but you should be vigilant for any symptoms of these. You should also make sure to take adequate fluids during the healing process.

    Why should you choose Turkey for a Neck Lift?

    Having a neck lift in Turkey can provide you with a smoother, firmer look. The procedure is a popular option for patients looking to tighten loose skin on their neck and face. The procedure can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the neck and face.

    The cost of a neck lift in Turkey can be affordable. Some clinics offer packages that include flights, airport transfers, accommodation and surgery. Some clinics even include meals.

    Many foreign patients are pleasantly surprised by the level of organization in Turkish clinics. They find that they can get all the medical treatment they need in a safe and affordable environment.

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    Why is Neck Lift cheaper in Turkey?

    After a few days, the patient will undergo a final checkup. During this time, the surgeon will remove any drainage and stitches. He may recommend wearing special clothes around the neck.

    The dollar exchange rate is very high because of the Turkish economy. This is an advantage for you because the prices are very competitive among the clinics and you can have the surgery as cheap as 1000 dollars.

    How much does a Neck Lift cost in Turkey?

    A neck lift can be a good choice for people with sagging skin and excess fat in the lower neck area. 

    You should check the prices of the surgery with a clinic before you book. Some clinics will charge less than USD 2000. You should also research the facility and talk to past patients.

    In Turkey, a facelift costs approximately $2,000. This price depends on the experience of the medical professional, the clinic, and the city.

    In Turkey, the price of a neck lift is very affordable. Compared to the US or Europe, the average price is around half.

    Neck Lift Cost in Turkey vs UK

    Thousands of people every year visit Turkey for neck lift surgery. The cost of neck lift in Turkey is comparable to other European countries you will expect to pay around 1500 $.

    Patients who are considering a neck lift in Turkey should do their homework before booking their surgery. 

    Some factors that can affect the cost of a neck lift include the UK clinics, the city and the type of surgery performed. For example, a platysmaplasty, which reduces drooping skin, can cost 5800 US dollars.

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