Surgical otoplasty is a procedure that is performed to correct abnormalities in the structure of the ears. It is done on both adults and children. The surgeon makes an incision behind the ear and folds the cartilage into the right position.

If you are planning to have otoplasty, you should first consult with your doctor. He or she will tell you what the surgery involves and whether you are a good candidate for it. You should also discuss your expectations for the operation. You should expect mild discomfort for a few weeks after the procedure.

In some cases, the stitches used in otoplasty may irritate the skin and cause swelling. If this happens, you should take pain medication. You should avoid touching or sleeping on your ears during this time.


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    How is the healing process?

    Depending on your ear shape and the type of otoplasty you have, the healing process may take anywhere from a week to six weeks. You will be given pain medication and possibly antibiotics to help you through the recovery process.

    After the procedure, you should wear a compression bandage around your head. This will reduce swelling and allow for better healing. You may also be given topical ointments to help with the wound.

    After surgery, you should stay in bed for at least 24 hours. You should avoid getting the area wet or scratching the incisions. You should also stay away from strenuous activity for two to three weeks.

    What are the Otoplasty Risks?

    Before having otoplasty, the patient will need to undergo a series of pre-operative exams, including vital signs and measurements. 

    A general anesthetic is sometimes used to reduce any anxiety during the procedure. For younger patients, local anesthetic with sedation is common.

    It is important to avoid touching the ear during the first postoperative day. If you experience bruising, pain or swelling, call your doctor immediately.

    Why should you choose Turkey for a Otoplasty?

    Increasing numbers of people are choosing Turkey as a destination for their cosmetic surgery needs. This country is known for its advanced level of medicine and affordable prices. It is also a major medical tourism destination. The government has introduced a number of incentives to promote the industry.

    Moreover, a number of clinics in Turkey offer a variety of inclusive packages for international patients. These include accommodation, transportation services, tourist activities, and meals. These are designed to make international patients feel comfortable.

    In addition to this, some clinics offer discounted prices for those who opt for otoplasty. However, it is important to know what the full price will be before making a final decision. Depending on the type of treatment, the surgeon’s experience, and the location of the clinic, the price may increase or decrease.

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    Why is Otoplasty cheaper in Turkey?

    Getting Otoplasty surgery in Turkey is a great option for those with abnormal ears. 

    The cost of otoplasty surgery in Turkey is quite low, especially compared to other countries. The prices are largely driven by low foreign exchange and taxes, as well as the low cost of living.

    Surgeons in Turkey are well trained and can perform otoplasty surgeries with satisfactory results. They have a strict training system and are able to see a wide range of patients during their education.

    How much does a Otoplasty cost in Turkey?

    Unlike in Europe or the USA, the cost of otoplasty in Turkey is relatively low you will expect to pay around 1200 $. This is because of the lower cost of living and the government subsidies on medical services. Other factors, such as the foreign exchange rate, also contribute to the lower price.

    Before booking the procedure, you need to visit the clinic and get more information. Some Turkish clinics offer inclusive packages for international patients. These include transportation, accommodation, and translation services. This package includes everything you need for the surgery.

    Otoplasty Cost in Turkey vs UK

    Compared to the UK and other European countries, the cost of otoplasty in Turkey is relatively low. This is mainly due to the lower costs of living. The exchange rate is also an important factor.

    In UK you will expect to pay around 3000 GBP for this procedure.

    Prices of medical services in Turkey are generally 2-3 times lower than in other European countries such as 1100 $ to 1800 $. The reason for this is the low cost of living and the low taxes and subsidies.

    The quality of care is excellent in Turkish clinics. Many plastic surgeons are members of ISAPS, which is an international association of expert plastic surgeons.

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