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Relex Smile in Turkey is the most prevalent vision repair procedure for people that come to Turkey for eye surgeries. One of the most prevalent ways for treating vision impairment is corneal refraction laser surgery. The need for constant improvement has spurred advancement in this field, as it does in other sectors of life.

Turkey is an excellent choice for Relex Smile. Because both the price and the quality are excellent. In this regard, it is the best choice for you. 

The average cost of Relex Smile in Turkey starts from 2.400 USD (1.960£) which is the most affordable price compared to the other European countries. We are doing Relex Smile in Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir, you can choose the best option for you.

Here you can find out and discover more information about the Relex Smile journey in Turkey. Check all the details about Relex Smile costs, our clinic’s patients reviews, before&after photos from the best doctors, all-inclusive packages for Relex Smile in Turkey.

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    What is the Relex Smile?

    The PRK technology is the earliest of the laser vision correcting applications. As a result, laser vision correction l. is known as the progeny. It is also known as excimer laser surface ablation treatment of the cornea. It is still commonly used today. 

    LASIK is another laser vision correction application that involves reshaping the cornea with an excimer laser. Flap (valve excision from the corneal surface) surgery is used to correct vision.

    A successful treatment with the smiling laser approach is feasible up to 10 in astigmatism and -5 in astigmatism. These aspects of the smile laser procedure give both the patient and also the surgeon with a high level of comfort. Among the benefits of the smile laser method are:

    • Offers protection in corneal biomechanics.
    • It is appropriate for thin corneal structures.
    • It is a one stage procedure.
    • The closed surgery approach is used.
    • It is a procedure with a little incision (2mm).

    Who Applies to Relex Smile?

    In order to have the surgery, you must first meet certain conditions. Because this is a difficult operation. Because Relex Smile Laser treatment is a 3rd generation method for treating, it allows speedy treatment and recovery from developing living conditions. This approach is a new application designed for people who lead an active lifestyle.

    We may list the people who can benefit from the Relex Smile Laser procedure, which produces a viable treatment choice, particularly for those who live an active lifestyle and participate in sports professionally.

    • Patients who have not had a change in eye number in the previous year, refraction stabilization
    • People over the age of 18
    • Patients with myopia ranging from -1 to -10
    • Patients having an astigmatism of less than -5 degrees
    • People who have good corneal and overall eye health

    How to Make Relex Smile?

    The smile procedure is a lenticule removal technique that uses a tiny (3mm) incision. This technique, which employs a completely femtosecond laser, is carried out by making a 3 millimetre incision in the cornea. 

    Because the smile approach uses a smaller incision than other treatments, infection, dry eye, and ingrowth of corneal epithelial tissue, which are rare side effects that may occur after the operation, are less common.

    What are the Relex Smile Risks?

    Every operation is actually a series of risks.

    • There is some transient suitable for dry, but it is significantly shorter than we see with other laser laser treatment procedures. There is still a slight possibility of overall under correction. Touch-ups are much less common with smile patients than with other laser contact lenses patients, in our experience. It has certainly proven to be a highly precise treatment.
    • Again, as with any treatment, there is a small possibility of infection simply by touching something. There is a small risk that we will aggravate some unrecognisable structural weakness, in which case we will need to follow up with a strengthening treatment. That risk appears to be considerably lower than with LASIK because we are preserving the integrity of tough layer down payment, which LASIK does not do.
    • There is a slim chance that things will change over time. Again, the European data suggest that drift is less likely because we’re leaving that difficult layer intact upfront. In contrast, the other treatments fundamentally weaken the tough layer. It would seem logical, and this appears to be the case, that the results will become more stable and sturdy over time.
    • Any procedure with an interface, or an area between two layers, has a small chance that the surface muscle that replenishes itself, known as the epithelium, will develop in between. In-growth is what we call it with LASIK, and it must be removed mostly by surgeon. This procedure can be quite inconvenient at times.
    • With a smile, a few epithelial cells may become dislodged in to layer between, and because they multiply, they tend to grow. Because of the nature of the laser, the two sides of the interface become quite sticky, and it will not travel very far because it did stick down. However, there are times when it is necessary to remove this gathering of epithelial cells known as a little plug.

    Should it be Done in Turkey or in the UK?

    Doctors undertake a thorough eye check up and assessment before to Smile laser surgery. If the patient’s eye anatomy is suitable for smile laser surgery, she is given the essential information and an appointment. 

    The technique is a 27 second laser operation. During the procedure, a vacuum ring is installed to prevent you from moving your eyes, and then laser treatment begins. Through the 2 mm incision, the doctor removes the area inside the cornea. Your doctor may advise you to relax the day following surgery.

    This surgery is performed in many different countries. But where is it actually applied? This is what we call the important point here. That’s why what we’re going to tell you here is about that. It is often asked whether it is Turkey or the United Kingdom for this subject.

    But we will recommend Turkey to you. Because Turkish experts or doctors have more experience in this field. Therefore, we think that we are right to recommend this country to you. Turkey has developed itself a lot in terms of both travel and treatment, which we call medical tourism. Patients from all over the world have come to Turkey for Relex Smile.

    Why is Turkey More Affordable?

    Turkey has a large number of eye clinics. They offer the greatest quality service at extremely low prices for eye surgeons. The price of Relex Smile in Turkey ranges between 1900 and 2400 Euro. However, the price of Relex smile can increase by 4 to 6 times in Europe. In Turkey, this pricing is also all-inclusive. 

    So, for this amount, you receive your therapy as well as a vacation. Many factors influence Relex smile pricing, which vary from person to person. When you begin your search, you may come across either high or extremely low costs. Prior to considering the price of Relex smile, you should consider your options for an eye clinic.

    Smile Relex is significantly less expensive in Turkey than in most other nations. If you choose us for your Smile Relex transaction, we will arrange for your lodging, transfer, and interpreter. If you want to get cutting edge therapy at a low cost, Turkey is the place to go.

    Relex Smile Reviews in Turkey


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