As the cost for any medical or cosmetic treatments affects the decisions for many patients, so it is for the cost of dental implant procedure for the people who simply can’t keep up with dental care high expenses from simple teeth whiting treatments to complex procedures like dental implants or others. 

Although, with the rise of  “abroad treatments” solutions for patients who suffer tooth loss from countries like the UK, the US, And other countries from the European region, it is obvious to say your high-cost dental care is solved 

But what about other factors you should be aware of, And how can you proceed if you are looking for abroad dental implants? Continue reading to learn more!

Is it safe to have Dental implant abroad?

Getting Dental implant abroad is the most important part of health tourism. In Europe, the key is to obtain insurance for expensive medical services and services that are not covered, and require cheaper but not compromised short-term medical services. Therefore, Europe has become a candidate country to obtain cheap medical services from abroad. 

Turkey is the best among these countries. The reason for this is that open institutions can compete with world standards in terms of cost and quality and the creation of service infrastructure. In Turkey, we analyzed dental costs in Europe and prepared more affordable treatment and vacation packages to compete with them.

Is Dental implant cheaper abroad? 

It is cheap going abroad for Dental implant. That said, of course, we are comparing with European countries. Turkey’s worldwide demand also proves this. Before referring to the price of dental implants in Turkey, we need to understand the factors that constitute the price.

The most important of these factors is the dentist’s experience and the number of dental fillings he has done in the past. In addition, the modernization of the technology used in the clinic and the quality of the products used will also affect the dental price. 

For this, it is necessary to determine the number of teeth to be covered and obtain pricing information from the clinic. Compared with other dental treatments, long-lasting, natural and long wear time increase the price of dental implant.

Popular countries for Dental implant abroad 

Czech Republic: Many dental treatments are performed in the Czech Republic, which is a bit expensive compared to other countries. Treatment methods are limited and there are few experienced dentists. But if you live in a nearby country, you might like it better.

Croatia: To say the truth, it is best to choose a different country. Because Croatia is a country with limited opportunities for dental implant treatment. The cost of treatment is higher than average. Better to choose Turkey for dental implant treatment.

Poland: Poland is a country with an underdeveloped medical system, which is not suitable for dental implant overseas. This is a country with high prices and high living conditions. You can consider the best country for dental implant treatment.

India: In India, one of the most populous countries in the world, dental implant treatment is not very popular. Because there are sanitary problems in domestic clinics. Most people who live here going abroad for Dental implant.

South Korea: South Korea is a developed country in all fields. Dental implant treatment is also very successful, but it is not the first choice for European patients. Because of the inconvenience of transportation, it is a very far away country.

Thailand: Thailand is one of the countries for dental implant treatment. The health system is good, but transportation to this country is also difficult. If you live in one of the Asian countries, you may prefer Thailand.

Mexico: Dental implant treatment is often performed in Mexico. But due to the country’s security issues, this is an option that tourists don’t like. Dental Implant treatment from Europe to Mexico is not a very good choice.

Why Turkey is the best for Dental implant? 

Due to the high price of dental implant abroad, people sometimes choose to get treatment in different countries. Dental implant prices in Turkey are cheaper than other countries. 

The price of Turkish veneers is almost 1/5 of the European price. Not only are dental veneers affordable, but all dental treatments are also affordable. The fact that dental technicians and dentists are trained and hardworking makes Turkey one of the most popular dental treatment places in Europe.

Where is the cheapest best place in the world to get a Dental implant?

In terms of dental implant services, Turkey is one of the countries that implement the most affordable dental treatments. Compared with Europe and the United States, Turkey’s dental treatments are affordable and stand out with better craftsmanship and outstanding performance. 

In the past, human materials have high quality standards, not necessarily the implementation of the treatment and disinfection procedures for each tooth. These procedures will be applied to the dental service long after the training starts. The required denture fee Thank you for your efforts in dental treatment, you can easily understand why the price is cheap. 

If you think that the materials used for even simple fillings come from abroad, and all the treatment costs that require laboratory procedures are combined with laboratory materials and dental production labor, you will be more familiar with this topic. 

Unfortunately, in our country, although there are no doctors, there are fake doctors who work and treat. They say they make teeth cheap. But the reality is that its cost is much higher, and it is often necessary to rebuild treatment and lose health. In short; Turkey is the best place for getting dental implants abroad. 

Does the health insurance company pay for Dental implant? 

Most of the health insurance plans do not cover dental implant treatment. However, if your health insurance has this option, your insurance will cover these costs. Before purchasing health insurance, you must check whether this option is available. 

There is also medical insurance that covers dental implant abroad. If you have health insurance, you can call them for details. Be sure to ask before treatment.

Can you buy Dental implant on installments? 

The installment system does not apply to health services. Many hospitals and clinics collect payments in advance. In Turkey and other countries, there is no installment in dental implant treatments. You can make your payment with your credit card.

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