If you have any decayed teeth or require a more extensive filling to retain and support your teeth, or if you need to restore an already fractured tooth or a tooth that has been significantly worn down. Dental crowns will, of course, be your main dental remedy.

However, if your most significant barrier to regaining back your partially fractured teeth with a new cap to have a new smile,  has been that the cost in your home country is too expensive or there are no solutions for insurance discounts? 

We have prepared for you the 10 best dental care destinations that can cover that issue for you at a more reasonable cost with high-quality dental crowns than your home country can offer.

1. Turkey 

First on our list is Turkey, which is a great destination for tourism and, if you haven’t heard, a gold mine for medical tourism. Getting your dental crowns in Turkey is an absolute smooth process, from your free consultation to the simple visa process to enter the famous ancient two-sided country, to your free airport transportation and 5-star accommodation.

There are numerous advantages to getting a dental crown in Turkey, and one of them is definitely the cost.  Other advantages include low flying costs and the ability to tour the entire country in your spare time.

In Turkey, The average cost of a dental crown is less than 198$ per tooth, and most people can afford it.

2. Hungary 

We added Hungary on the second for a few reasons, they are ranked highly on the best dental health around European countries and we also did mention them on our previous list for dental implants 

Hungary doesn’t just offer a cheap cost but at an excellent stander and more than 15 years of dentistry experiences you can’t miss out on.

The average cost of dental crowns in Hungary is around $288 dollars per tooth. 

3. Spain 

Spain is the hot spot for Europeans who seek a summer escape for a lot of obvious reasons. Still, the significant influence Spain has to offer to many Europeans is a great deal on medical treatments, and dental crowns are just one of the many dental care options. 

Spain is a go-to destination for fellow European neighbors such as Germany, the UK, and many others as they can provide an average cost of around €422 for a single dental crown. 

Spain without a doubt has many dentists clinics that are more than just skilled and can give you that luxurious treatment. 

4. Thailand 

Thailand may come to mind as a vacation destination because of its picturesque islands and reputation for tourism. Yet, Thailand is well-known for its dental treatments, and many people fly overseas to East Asia to get dental crowns done in Thailand.

Believe it or not, in countries like the US and Canada, the starting price of a dental crown is 1100$; meanwhile, in Thailand, the starting price for a zirconium crown is 250$. Most dental facilities in Thailand have English-speaking employees. In addition, after your treatment, you will be able to enjoy tourism in lovely Thailand.

5. Croatia 

While Croatia has various historical cities, its healthcare facilities are modern and up to date, with English-speaking doctors.. Croatia is the ideal vacation destination, with world-renowned beaches along the glistening Adriatic Sea. 

However, it is also regarded as one of the greatest and most affordable locations for dental treatments. Zagreb is the home of the majority of Croatia’s finest dental clinics, as well as the starting point for island hopping, and is relatively close to the country’s main airport, making it ideal for a quick medical tourism 

The average cost for dental crowns in Croatia can start from €260- €400.  

6. The Czech Republic

Another highly recommended choice for dentistry treatments for Europeans and people from all around the world is the Czech Republic.

The dentist clinics in Prague’s city are frequently handled by highly qualified and experienced specialists who have performed hundreds of dental operations such as crowns and dental implants.

In the Czech Republic, the average cost of dental crowns is between €500 and €700.

7. Poland 

As we previously mentioned, Poland and its improvement for establishing a high standard of dentistry for procedures such as dental implants, veneers, and now dental crowns are a great alternative.

Poland offers a slightly cheaper cost for dental crowns than a few European countries and has been its dentist clinic has been a long time smile cure-er for countries like Germany and  Austria. 

The average cost for dental crowns in Poland is €334.

8. Germany 

Germany is known worldwide for its specialty in medicine and not just that but for creating excellent dental implants so you can make sure they have a very well dental clinic and provide good service. 

Getting your dental crowns done in Germany might be a good choice because Germany is one of the best countries in the world for this treatment. Even though the price might be costlier than other countries in Europe, but you will be sure to receive excellent quality. 

Usually, most patients go to Berlin for dental crowns because it’s famous for all dental treatments in Germany. 

9. Mexico

Mexico is a well-known country for most American and Canadian clients, not just for dental treatments but as well as all cosmetic surgeries. 

Because of the price disparity, most Americans travel across the border for dental care or cosmetic surgery. Even if there is a significant price difference, they both provide high-quality care.

The prices for dental crowns in Mexico start from $400. Meanwhile, the cost can go up to $1800 for a single zirconium crown in the US.

10. Costa Rica 

Many travelers come to Costa Rica to experience the beautiful tropical beaches, grand adventures, and natural treasures. Furthermore, if you have some extra spare time on your vacation, getting yourself some dental care treatments is not a terrible idea.

A dental crown operation is somewhat more manageable and less complex than dental implants. Therefore it is definitely achievable.

Dental crowns treatment in Costa Rica might be between $275 and $310.

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