Are you looking for a cheaper alternative in Europe or abroad if you live in Europe and want to refresh your smile and fix your teeth with dental crowns treatments, but the cost of modern dentistry prevents you from doing so?

We’ve got you covered. This quick guide will help you figure out where to get the most affordable dental crowns. Continue reading. 

United Kingdom 

It is known in the UK that the price of dental crowns are different in a private clinic comparing with the price that is given by the NHS, Because with the NHS, you would be waiting for your turn to come, which is an endless waiting, the prices of dental crown in the UK cost from £500 to £1200


The government will cover any simple procedure like gum disease treatment, extraction, and fillings in France, but it is not the same for the crowns. For the crown for French citizens, the insurance company can help to pay for the crowns, which will cost a minimum of €500. 


In Brussels, Belgium, you can find a dental clinic that can provide you a dental crown with excellent service. The price starts from 600€. This is for an average crown. Again we are not talking about full porcelain or zirconium crown. The cost can go up to €1000. 


In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, you can see that most dentists, they are accepting insurance payment; however, the prices are not so cheap, the porcelain mixed with metal-based crown costs €500 the prices for a full porcelain crown or zirconium crown can be up to a €1,200


Dental crowns in Spain might be cheaper than other European countries because they produce their materials for the created crowns. The porcelain mixed metal-based crown starts from €350, and the full porcelain or zirconium crown can be up to €700, and even in some cities, the price can be cheaper. 


In Germany, you may find the best dental clinics in cities such as Berlin and Colin, which are well known for their dentists. Dental crowns in Berlin and Colin start at €600, and we’re not even talking about high-quality crowns like full porcelain or zirconium.


Dental crowns in Austria can cost anywhere between €300 and €1000, depending on the type of material used. The prices vary from the material used from porcelain fused with metal, full porcelain or zirconium, or ceramic crown. The prices also vary from city to city. 

Which Country is Cheaper for Dental Crowns in Europe?

Of all the countries we mentioned above, Spain is the cheapest to get your dental crowns. However, there is a country that we haven’t mentioned yet which is cheaper than all the countries above to get any dental treatment done, not just dental crowns, which is Turkey. 

Turkey is already famous for medical tourism. When people hear about medical tourism, they often think of hair transplant operations and cosmetic surgeries, but many people are unaware that Turkey provides excellent dental treatments services.

But why can Turkey offer cheaper costs for dental crowns? 

One of the significant factors to a cheaper cost, Turkey supports the domestic manufacturing of any goods and products over importing. 

Simply put, the costs of shipping, logistics, and customs are no longer factored into the last sales price. The same concept is used in Turkey to keep health-care and surgery costs low.

Average salaries in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe play a significant role in Turkey’s ‘low cost.’ The cost of living and income are both higher.

That may explain why dental crowns are less expensive in Turkey. It’s all about fully grasping how the world works. The cheap cost has nothing to do with quality and everything to do with the economy. 

Why is Turkey the Best for Dental Crowns?

Besides being the cheapest country for getting dental treatment done in Europe, the technology used in dental clinics in Turkey is all advanced such as CAD/CAM, which helps the dentist in many tasks like tooth preparation, intraoral scanning restoration design, and cementation. 3D imaging, machines with custom mild abutment options, a rapid-wax machine prototype, And laser-welding systems are among the technologies available in Turkey. 

Other than that, Turkey is also a great tourist destination. After getting your treatment done, you can go around all the beautiful cities in Turkey, such as Istanbul and Antalya, famous for medical tourism. 

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