If you live in Europe and want to renew your smile and fix your teeth with dental implants treatments, but the cost of modern dentistry standing in your way, so you are confused about an alternative that offers cheaper dental implants treatments in Europe or abroad?

We’ve got you covered. This quick guide will assist you in determining where to get the best and cheapest dental implants in Europe.

How much Does Dental Implants cost in The UK? 

A single dental implant in the UK can cost anywhere from £1,500 to £2,500. Obviously, Treatment costs will always vary according to the number of implants and your procedure’s difficulty. Also, talking with your dental professional about your treatment will give you a good idea of how much exactly it will cost you in the UK.

How much Do Dental Implants cost in France?

The average cost for dental implants in France is €2000 per tooth. In France, dentist doctors or clinics are free to set their own prices, which is familiar because most aesthetic dentistry practices charge differently depending on the doctor’s experience and their services, not just in France. But, this results in a more extensive and costly treatment. 

How much Do Dental Implants cost in Belgium? 

The average cost of dental implants in Belgium is €900 to €1000 per tooth, and Brussels has some of Europe’s best private dental clinics. However, other costs such as consultation fees, X-rays, medication, etc., will not be included in the price you will be paying for the dental implants.

How much Do Dental Implants cost in Holland?

The average cost of dental implants in Holland is from  €1,600 to €2,350 per tooth, depending on what type of dental implant you choose. Some of the fees included in the above price are a jaw review, X-ray, and early implant research; however, each private dental clinic has its own service and price.

How much Do Dental Implants cost in Spain?

The average cost of dental implants in Spain is around €800 per tooth; Spain is considered a famous destination for many people from the Uk, with cheap flight tickets and less post dental implant procedure expenses and extra vacation time. Lastly, Spain certainly has many great dental clinics. 

How much Do Dental Implants cost in Germany?

The average cost of dental implants In Germany is €3,000 per tooth. We can’t deny that Germany is the place to go for dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. 

Private dental clinics in the country provide a high standard of medical care, which is beneficial to those who can afford a premium. However, The same dental implant and dentistry experience Germany offers can be found all over Europe.

How much Do Dental Implants cost in Austria?

The average cost of dental implants in Austria is €1,800 Per tooth. Vienna, Austria’s capital, has many private cosmetics clinics, And dental treatment is among the best in Europe. In some clinics, the above price includes a lab fee and a doctor consultation, but not other aspects of the dental implant treatment, such as anesthesia, x-ray, etc.

Which country in Europe is cheaper for Dental implants?

We have one more stop for you on our short journey around Europe’s best and cheapest countries for dental implant treatments.

Istanbul, Turkey’s capital, is yet another conventional option. Although Turkey is technically not in Europe, it is one of the countries that want to offer patients all over the world a cheap dental implant treatment remedy.

Turkey provides a high-quality standard of dentistry, as well as advancements in private clinics, all of which are provided by skilled and experienced doctors. The quality of Turkey’s dental implants can be compared with any other dentistry in Europe.

The average cost of dental implants In Turkey is €550 per tooth. Thus This makes Turkey cheaper than any country in Europe and the United States, and Asia.

Why is Turkey the best option for dental implants?

Turkey is the best because it provides above-and-beyond advantages that encourage people all over the world to choose medical tourism, overspending a lot of money to “just” feel better and return to their regular routine. 

Instead, Turkey provides a luxurious experience for its visitors, including a low-cost and accessible treatment for anyone suffering from tooth loss, as well as a comfortable journey until they return home.

Aside from providing many patients from Europe, the United States, and the Middle Eastern with cheap dental implants, Turkey’s modern capital is high on the list of best cities in the world that merit a visit!

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