Gastric sleeve surgery abroad, along with other bariatric surgery options, is becoming increasingly popular abroad thanks to medical tourism. In the modern world, it is quite easy and safe to apply for weight loss surgeries abroad. Gastric surgeries are usually performed in private clinics and can be costly. For this reason, many people choose to undergo bariatric surgery abroad when they are not eligible for NHS coverage, have long waiting lists or cannot afford the cost of weight loss surgery in their home country.

Bariatric surgery is a life-saving type of surgery that enables rapid and safe weight loss. Different types of bariatric surgery cause changes in the stomach and digestive system, allowing patients to eat less and feel less hungry.

Sleeve gastrectomy, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is a bariatric surgery for obese individuals in need of significant weight loss. This surgery involves the removal of a large portion of the stomach contents, leaving the remainder in the form of a small tube. Below are the important aspects that offer the advantages of cost-effective sleeve gastrectomy abroad.

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Best Destinations for Gastric Sleeve Surgery Abroad (Turkey, UK, USA, and Others)

When considering gastric sleeve surgery abroad, several factors come into play, such as the quality of healthcare, cost, and overall experience. Here we compare some of the top destinations for gastric sleeve surgery, including Turkey, the UK, the USA, and other countries, highlighting their features and average price ranges. Notably, Turkey stands out as the best option for many reasons.



  • High-Quality Healthcare: Turkey is renowned for its advanced healthcare system and highly qualified surgeons specializing in bariatric surgery.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Many hospitals and clinics in Turkey are equipped with the latest technology and adhere to international standards.
  • Comprehensive Packages: Medical tourism packages often include accommodation, transportation, and aftercare services.
  • Experienced Surgeons: Turkey has some of the most experienced bariatric surgeons in the world.

Average Price Range: $3,500 – $6,000

Gastric Sleeve Turkey Price at Letsmedi: 2750 Euro

Turkey is considered the best option for gastric sleeve surgery due to its combination of high-quality medical care and affordable prices. Patients can expect excellent outcomes and comprehensive support throughout their journey.

United Kingdom


  • Advanced Medical Technology: The UK boasts some of the best healthcare facilities and advanced medical technology.
  • Highly Qualified Surgeons: Surgeons in the UK are highly trained and experienced in bariatric surgery.
  • Stringent Regulations: The UK has strict regulations to ensure patient safety and high standards of care.

Average Price Range: $10,000 – $15,000

While the UK offers excellent medical care, the high costs can be a barrier for many patients seeking gastric sleeve surgery.

United States


  • Top-Ranked Hospitals: The USA is home to some of the best hospitals and medical institutions globally.
  • Innovative Procedures: Surgeons in the USA often have access to the latest surgical techniques and innovations.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: For those with insurance, the cost may be partially covered.

Gastric Sleeve UK Average Price Range: $15,000 – $25,000

The USA provides high-quality medical care, but the costs are significantly higher compared to other countries, making it a less accessible option for many.

Other Countries


  • Varying Standards: Other countries, such as Mexico, India, and Thailand, also offer gastric sleeve surgery, with varying standards of care and costs.
  • Medical Tourism Packages: Many countries provide attractive medical tourism packages, including all necessary services.
  • Experienced Surgeons: Some destinations have highly experienced surgeons specializing in bariatric surgery.

Average Price Range:

  • Mexico: $4,000 – $8,000
  • India: $3,000 – $7,000
  • Thailand: $4,000 – $8,000

These countries offer more affordable options for gastric sleeve surgery, but it is essential to thoroughly research and choose reputable facilities and surgeons to ensure the best outcomes.

Advantages of gastric sleeve surgery abroad

Weight loss surgery is a life-changing decision that requires great motivation and discipline from the patient. Performing this type of surgery abroad may involve additional challenges, but there are many advantages of bariatric surgery abroad that should definitely be considered. Some of the benefits of having gastric sleeve surgery abroad are listed below.

Advantages of gastric sleeve surgery abroad_

Gastric Sleeve is Much Cheaper Abroad!

The main reason why we turn abroad for medical treatment is usually the cost factor. There are countries such as the UK, Ireland, USA, Scandinavian countries, Germany, where many of the weight loss surgery prices are too high for most people to afford. On the other hand, weight loss surgery costs are more reasonable in countries such as Turkey, Poland, Mexico, Lithuania. For example, while the average cost of gastric sleeve surgery in the UK is 12,000 GBP, the same type of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey can be performed at a more affordable price, around 4,000 GBP. In addition, even with the addition of medical tourism costs (e.g. flights and accommodation), being treated in these countries offers significant savings. It is usually not possible to find a similar weight loss surgery in the UK or the US at such an affordable price, which makes it understandable that many people choose to opt for treatment abroad. Some countries that offer lower costs are based on factors such as local currency, living costs, recurrent expenditure and salaries, and the quality of surgery and clinical standards in these countries are often high.

Experienced and Successful Obesity Doctors

Regardless of the country, it is normal practice for someone undergoing weight loss surgery to check up on their surgeon. Finding a qualified weight loss doctor is one of the key factors for the success of the surgery. Nowadays, there are many websites where we can find information about the best bariatric surgeons all over the world. Everyone is advised to check the surgeon’s qualifications, experience and specialty. There are also medical travel agencies that offer free assistance in finding well-trained and qualified surgeons who specialize in performing different types of bariatric surgery.

It is important for patients to first verify whether the surgeon is certified and able to perform the weight loss surgery options they want. Then, they are advised to analyze reviews from the surgeon’s past patients and check if the clinic where he or she works follows high standards. When this information is satisfactory, it can be a safe choice to entrust their health and life to the surgeon, no matter which country he or she is in.

Turkey’s Best Obesity Doctors

If you’re thinking of getting a Gastric Sleeve overseas, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. These include how much it will cost, which countries you can go to, and whether it is safe to have it abroad.

Is Gastric Sleeve cheap abroad?

Bariatric surgery is a great way to lose weight and improve overall health. It is important to choose a provider who has the experience and the training to perform the procedure.

In the United States, the average cost of bariatric surgery is high. However, you may be able to save on your operation by traveling abroad. In fact, there are many countries that offer gastric sleeve surgeries at affordable prices.

In Turkey, the average cost of gastric sleeve surgery is around $2400, which is about a third of the cost of the same surgery in the United States. In Turkey, you can find some of the best surgeons in the world.

In the UK, the cost of a gastric sleeve operation is a bit more expensive. Patients can expect to spend up to 18 months waiting to get their surgery. Moreover, the cost of a hospital room is expensive, and they will have to pay for the hospital’s aftercare after their surgery.

Is it safe to have Gastric Sleeve abroad?

When considering gastric sleeve surgery, you must first decide which country is best for your specific needs. This will depend on a number of factors, such as price, safety, and medical facilities.

While there are many places in the world that can provide the highest quality of care, it is important to keep in mind that cost is not always the most important factor. While there are a number of countries that are cheaper than your home country, it is still important to consider the health and safety of the medical facility before you sign on the dotted line.

While many of the most popular destinations for gastric sleeve surgery are in the US and the UK, there are other options. In addition, Turkey has also attractive options for those looking for affordable and safe options.

How much does Gastric Sleeve in abroad?

If you are thinking about gastric sleeve surgery, you need to know where you can get the best prices. The US and UK have some of the highest gastric sleeve costs in the world.

However, you can get the same procedure at a cheaper price if you go abroad. You can save up to 75%, depending on the country.

Countries like Turkey are popular options for gastric sleeve surgery. The cost of gastric sleeve surgery in these countries is significantly lower than the United States and the UK.

Another good option for gastric sleeve surgery is Turkey. This country is known for its expert weight loss surgeons and facilities.

The cost of gastric sleeve in Turkey is around 2,000 EUR.

Which country is best for Gastric Sleeve?

Turkey is one of the most popular country for gastric sleeve operation. It is known for its low cost and high quality of treatment. It is also a popular holiday destination. There are thousands of people who choose Turkey for weight loss surgery every year.

Compared to other European countries, the price of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is around two to three times less.

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