Obalon Balloon Cost in the UK

The Obalon Balloon is a well-liked non-surgical weight loss treatment that is gaining popularity with people looking for safe and efficient alternatives. For individuals considering this surgery in the UK, being aware of the Obalon Balloon technique’s costs is crucial. This article will examine the subject of “Obalon Balloon Cost in the UK” and offer details on costs in six significant cities.

Obalon Balloon Cost by City and State

The price of the Obalon Balloon operation varies depending on the UK city. Let’s look at the price ranges at the following well-known places:

  • Manchester: The Obalon Balloon normally costs between £6,500 and £9,000 in Manchester. Prices may vary depending on the reputation, location, and extra services offered by the facility.
  • London: As the nation’s capital, London typically has more expensive healthcare. Generally speaking, the Obalon Balloon in London costs between £7,000 and £13,000. The reputation of the clinic, its location, and the need for specialised services are some of the causes of this greater cost.
  • Birmingham: The cost of an Obalon Balloon operation normally ranges from £6,000 to £11,000 in Birmingham. Prices can differ depending on the repute of the clinic, the level of medical expertise on staff, and any additional services provided.
  • Glasgow: Glasgow provides an Obalon Balloon option that is reasonably priced, with costs ranging from £5,000 to £9,000. The precise price may vary based on elements like the clinic’s location, standing, and additional treatments offered.
  • Bristol: The price of an Obalon Balloon in Bristol typically ranges from £6,500 to £11,000. The total cost may vary depending on the clinic’s amenities, the medical staff’s training, the complexity of the treatment, and any other services provided.
  • Edinburgh: The cost of an Obalon Balloon operation normally ranges from £3,500 to £7,500 in Edinburgh. Prices may differ depending on the reputation of the clinic, the level of training of the medical staff, the clinic’s location, and any other services offered.

What Factors Influence the Cost of Obalon Balloon Surgery?

The price of the Obalon Balloon procedure might vary depending on a number of factors, such as:

  • Clinic Reputation and Location: Due to their state-of-the-art facilities, qualified personnel, and easy accessibility, clinics with a good reputation and prominent locations may impose higher prices.
  • Expertise and credentials of the medical team: The credentials and experience of the medical team, as well as their proficiency in carrying out the Obalon Balloon treatment, may have an impact on the price.
  • Pre-operative Evaluations and Post-Operative Care: The price of pre-operative evaluations, such as consultations, diagnostic tests, and post-operative care, might affect the final cost.
  • Additional Services: Some clinics provide further services like dietary advice, follow-up visits, or individualised support. These add-on services could affect the final price.

Types of Obalon Balloon Revision Shapes – Do They Affect The Cost?

The Obalon Balloon technique generally follows a standardised process, and the particular balloon shape normally has little impact on the price. The major goal continues to be to induce a sense of fullness in the stomach to promote weight loss. Therefore, regardless of the balloon form choose, the price stays fairly constant.


For people looking for non-surgical weight loss solutions in the UK, understanding the cost of the Obalon Balloon surgery is essential. People can start their weight loss journey with the Obalon Balloon process by taking into account the pricing variances across different cities and the elements influencing the cost.

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