If you’re thinking about having Weight Loss Surgery abroad, you’re probably wondering what the cost will be, what you can expect from the procedure, and where you can find the best treatment in the world. These are just a few of the questions that we will be covering in this article.

Is Weight Loss Surgery Cheap abroad?

Weight loss surgery abroad can be an option for patients looking to improve their health and lifestyle. Often, people opt to go to other countries for surgery because it can be more affordable than in the UK. However, there are some risks involved, so it’s important to consider them before making the decision.

Before traveling, make sure that the country you plan to travel to is stable. A long flight can be uncomfortable after your surgery. Also, ensure that the country you choose has a high standard of medical care.

Many clinics in other countries offer touristic packages, which include accommodations, transfers and medical travel insurance. These are a great way to ensure that your treatment is safe.

Is it safe to have Weight Loss Surgery abroad?

Weight loss surgery abroad is a great option for many people who are suffering from obesity. It can help you to lose weight, reduce your risk of diseases associated with obesity, and improve your mobility and quality of life. Choosing weight loss surgery overseas is not difficult, but you will need to be prepared for some risks.

You should also check the success rate of the surgery you plan to undergo. It will depend on the type of procedure you are having if you choose turkey for this procedure its totally safe.

Destinations and Best Destinations for Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, is a crucial decision for many individuals struggling with obesity. When considering weight loss surgery abroad, it is essential to evaluate the quality of healthcare, costs, and overall experience. Here, we compare some of the top destinations for weight loss surgery, including Turkey, the UK, the USA, and other countries, highlighting their features and average price ranges. Notably, Turkey stands out as the best option for many reasons.



  • High-Quality Healthcare: Turkey is renowned for its advanced healthcare system and highly qualified surgeons specializing in bariatric surgery.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Many hospitals and clinics in Turkey are equipped with the latest technology and adhere to international standards.
  • Comprehensive Packages: Medical tourism packages often include accommodation, transportation, and aftercare services.
  • Experienced Surgeons: Turkey has some of the most experienced bariatric surgeons in the world.

Average Price Range: $3,500 – $8,000

Turkey is considered the best option for weight loss surgery due to its combination of high-quality medical care and affordable prices. Patients can expect excellent outcomes and comprehensive support throughout their journey.

United Kingdom


  • Advanced Medical Technology: The UK boasts some of the best healthcare facilities and advanced medical technology.
  • Highly Qualified Surgeons: Surgeons in the UK are highly trained and experienced in bariatric surgery.
  • Stringent Regulations: The UK has strict regulations to ensure patient safety and high standards of care.

Average Price Range: $10,000 – $15,000

While the UK offers excellent medical care, the high costs can be a barrier for many patients seeking weight loss surgery.

United States


  • Top-Ranked Hospitals: The USA is home to some of the best hospitals and medical institutions globally.
  • Innovative Procedures: Surgeons in the USA often have access to the latest surgical techniques and innovations.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: For those with insurance, the cost may be partially covered.

Average Price Range: $15,000 – $30,000

The USA provides high-quality medical care, but the costs are significantly higher compared to other countries, making it a less accessible option for many.

Other Countries


  • Varying Standards: Other countries, such as Mexico, India, and Thailand, also offer weight loss surgery, with varying standards of care and costs.
  • Medical Tourism Packages: Many countries provide attractive medical tourism packages, including all necessary services.
  • Experienced Surgeons: Some destinations have highly experienced surgeons specializing in bariatric surgery.

Average Price Range:

  • Mexico: $4,000 – $9,000
  • India: $3,000 – $8,000
  • Thailand: $4,000 – $9,000

These countries offer more affordable options for weight loss surgery, but it is essential to thoroughly research and choose reputable facilities and surgeons to ensure the best outcomes.

How much does Weight Loss Surgery in abroad?


One way to avoid this is by traveling abroad. This is often a cheaper option and can be a fantastic solution for people who have been turned down for a UK procedure.

The cost of weight loss surgery in other countries is significantly lower than in the UK. This is because of the currency used and the cost of living.

In Turkey you will expect to pay around 3000 $ to 4000 $.

There are also many advantages to traveling abroad for a weight loss procedure. One advantage is that you can get it done at a time that suits you. You don’t have to wait for months to find a time when you can go to the hospital. This means that you can take a holiday or do some activities in the meantime.

Which country is best for Weight Loss Surgery?

When it comes to choosing the best weight loss surgery abroad, you must take some factors into consideration. A few important things to look at are the qualifications of the clinic, the cost of surgery and the success rate.

Turkey is famous for its clinics with JCI accreditation and also gives you confidence in terms of cost. If you are considering this operation, you can also consider all-inclusive packages.

Besides, you must be fit for the surgery and show a willingness to change your lifestyle for the better. If you are planning on using insurance, be sure to check with your insurer if it can cover you for complications.

Why is weight loss surgery cheaper in Turkey?

Particularly for weight loss surgery, Turkey has grown in popularity as a medical tourism destination. One of the main causes of this is that weight loss surgery in Turkey is frequently far less expensive than in other nations like the US, Canada, and the UK.

The cheaper cost of weight loss surgery in Turkey is caused by a number of reasons, including:

  1. Lower overhead and labor costs for healthcare providers.
  2. Favorable exchange rates for patients from other countries.
  3. Support from the government for medical travel.
  4. Competition between healthcare organizations.
  5. Reduced premiums for malpractice insurance.

While some patients may be drawn to Turkey because of the lower cost of weight loss surgery, it is crucial to carefully balance the advantages and hazards of receiving medical care abroad. Patients need to make sure they are dealing with recognized, skilled healthcare professionals and that they have a post-operative care and follow-up plan in place.

As a result of lower labor costs, advantageous exchange rates, government backing, competition among healthcare providers, and lower malpractice insurance costs, weight loss surgery in Turkey is frequently less expensive than in other nations. Before traveling abroad for medical care, people should carefully weigh the advantages and hazards.

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