If you are considering a dentistry treatment abroad because your home country’s high-cost dental care is not providing you with a simple answer to repair your teeth and embrace the world with a beautiful smile, or you’re planning an abroad trip for a while and want to learn more, or maybe you are on a business trip abroad to one of the countries that just so happened to be one of the best for dental crowns, and you are now intrigued and want to see if you can sneak in a quick dental crowns treatment? 

Here is some information to assist you in determining which country abroad is the best alternative for a high-quality dental crown!

Is it safe to have dental crown abroad? 

Of course, it is safe getting dental crown abroad, but it depends on which country. Some overseas countries may not be very safe. Health systems in Mexico, Colombia and a few other countries are not very developed. But if you want to have dental crown overseas, you should prefer developed countries like Turkey. 

Where the treatment will take place is as important as who will do it. It is important that it be done by an experienced dentist. The dental crown made by professional dentists such as Turkish dentists is always longer lasting. If you are going abroad for dental crown, you should make all your travel plans accordingly.

Is dental crown cheaper abroad?

Although dental crown is a treatment that everyone wants, unfortunately, not everyone’s budget may be suitable for this. Dental crown prices abroad are variable. There are cheap ones and there are expensive ones. In fact, what you need to plan before this treatment is not the treatment fee. 

You need to plan your expenses in the country you are going to. Because some countries are so expensive that you can spend more individually than the treatment fee. You should also allocate a budget for your hotel, accommodation and other expenses. Many clinics in Turkey provide this service with an all-inclusive service package. 

In other words, the treatment fee includes accommodation, transportation and other expenses. If you have dental crown treatment in countries like Turkey, it will be more economical for you. When planning a budget, make sure that it includes all costs. Only in this way can you plan the right budget.

Popular countries for dental crown abroad

Czech Republic: Czech Republic, where many dental treatments are performed, is a bit expensive compared to other countries. Treatment methods are limited and experienced dentists are few. But if you live in a nearby country, you may prefer it.

Croatia: Unless you are in a very difficult situation, it is better to choose different countries. Because Croatia is a country with limited opportunities in terms of dental crown treatment. Treatment fees are above average.

Poland: Poland is a country with an underdeveloped healthcare system and is not very suitable for dental treatments. It is an expensive country with prices and living conditions. You can consider better countries for dental crown treatment.

India: In India, one of the most populated countries in the world, dental crown treatment is not preferred much. Because there are hygiene problems in clinics in the country. Most of the people living here are going abroad for dental crown.

South Korea: South Korea is a developed country in every field. Dental crown treatment is also performed successfully, but it is not preferred by European patients. Because transportation is difficult and it is a very far country.

Thailand: Thailand is one of the countries where dental crown treatment is done. The health system is good, but transportation to this country is also difficult. If you live in one of the Asian countries, you may prefer Thailand.

Mexico: Dental crown treatment is frequently performed in Mexico. But it is an option that tourists do not prefer due to the country’s security problems. Going from Europe to Mexico for dental crown treatment is not a very wise choice.

Why Turkey is the best for dental crown? 

Turkey is the first choice of those who want to getdental crown abroad. Because the treatment fees are economical, there are experienced dentists and you have the chance to have a great time in Turkey during the treatment process. In addition, Turkey is one of the safest countries in the world. It is easy to reach with all of Europe.

Where is the cheapest best place in the world to get a dental crown?

It is possible to have dental crown treatment in many countries of the world. Since going abroad for dental crown is a very costly process, you should control your budget accordingly. Countries like Turkey, which is preferred for both cheap and successful dental crowns, are an excellent advantage for you. 

In this sense, Turkey is a budget-friendly country. It is the country most preferred by patients with its equipped clinics, experienced healthcare team and economical prices. We can say that it is at least 3 times cheaper than European countries. There are several criteria when choosing a country. 

It is important that transportation is easy, the country is safe, the clinics are of European standards and there are experienced dentists. Turkey is a country that has all of these and should be your first choice.

Does the health insurance company pay for dental crown?

Many health insurances do not cover dental crown treatment. But if your health insurance has such an option, your insurance will cover these costs. Before buying health insurance, you should definitely check whether this option is available. 

There are also health insurances that cover dental crown overseas. If you have health insurance, you can call them and find out the details. You should definitely ask before treatment.

Can you buy dental crown on installments?

There are no installments in healthcare services and dental crown treatment. Many clinics do not have installments. Payments are usually in advance. You can also pay with your credit card. If the credit card you use has an installment feature, you can use it. Apart from this, there is no special installment procedure.

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