You’ve decided to get dental veneers abroad, But what are the next steps you’ll need to take to make it happen? And is it safe to get dental veneers abroad or how can you know which country abroad is the best to get budget-friendly veneers but long-lasting with high-quality materials? 

If you are planning a vacation abroad next or simply because of where you live veneers are very expensive, Your insurance will not cover cosmetic dental care treatments, which is understandable given that countries like the UK, the USA have higher consultation fees, post-treatment expenses, and doctor fees. Continue reading to find out more!

Is it safe to have Dental Veneers abroad? 

Many patients who want going abroad for dental veneers want to know whether the veneers are safe. Of course, we will explain this topic in detail, but what we want to point out is that dental veneers are a very safe treatment with almost non-existent risks. The veneer method is usually used to make teeth look healthy and beautiful, and is a reliable long-term application that guarantees a natural appearance. 

For this application, there must be a tooth at the bottom. The area around the tooth to be pasted is also shaved, ready for veneer and put the veneer on it. It is a method that can be used for age-related tooth staining, root canal treatments that cannot whiten teeth, congenital tissues, deformed teeth, shape or arrhythmia, and the need for a new smile design.

Is Dental Veneers cheaper abroad? 

Many countries in the world have clinics that provide dental veneers. You should really research doctors and clinics in countries that claim to do so at very affordable prices. Because dental health is very important, it can only be done by a specialist. The quality of the materials used in the processing is also very important. 

The treatment options and applications of dental veneers in Turkey are always much more than other countries, and they have more advantages. Although the cost of getting dental veneers abroad is relatively high, the effect of dental implants is closest to that of natural teeth. Due to imports from abroad, the materials used in this application may be affected by currency prices. 

Factors such as rising rents, rising minimum wages, and inflation may also lead to higher treatment prices. The characteristics of the hospital applying for the application, the doctor performing the operation, the materials used and the quality of these materials, sterilization conditions and many other factors will cause the price of dental veneers to vary.

Popular countries for Dental Veneers abroad 

Czech Republic: If you are going to choose Dental Veneer is Czech Republic, you should keep your budget a little high. Because it is an expensive country. Compared to other European countries, there are more limited health opportunities.

Croatia: Although Croatia is a country that has recently improved its healthcare systems, it is not a very good option for dental veneers abroad. You can choose Turkey instead. It is better in terms of price and success rate.

Poland: If you are going to choose Poland for Dental Veneer overseas, we would like you to know that very successful treatments are not available in this country. It is a country that should be preferred only in compulsory conditions.

India: Obviously, going to India from European countries for dental veneer treatment is not a very good idea. It is a very distant country and we do not think that it is a suitable country for going abroad for dental veneers. You should choose alternative countries.

South Korea: If you live in any Asian country, South Korea is the perfect location for you. But going there just for dental veneers is very expensive and unnecessary for you.

Thailand: Dental veneers are very successful in Thailand. In this sense, there are advanced health systems, but they are more expensive and difficult to access to country.

Mexico: Recently, we have started to hear the name of Mexico frequently for the treatment of dental veneers. In this sense, it is said that there are very successful treatments, but we still do not think that it is a very safe country.

Why Turkey is the best for Dental Veneers? 

Turkey is number one not only in dental veneers treatment, but also in all other healthcare services. In the price comparison, you can see that the cost of veneer turkey is the best choice. The “all-inclusive treatment” provided by Turkey is not available anywhere else in the world. The service package provided includes a variety of free options such as transportation, accommodation, and pick-up. 

You can call us to learn more about pricing and service packages. The price of dental veneers is determined according to the number of teeth to be pasted, the quality of the veneer materials, and whether teeth cleaning or fillings are required. Turkey is also first choice of patients who are going abroad for dental veneers. 

Where is the cheapest best place in the world to get a Dental Veneers?

In each country, dental treatment charges are different. The cost of dental veneers abroad is more expensive than Turkey, because European materials and labor costs are very expensive. The experience of the dentist and the quality of the clinic have a great influence on the price. 

Patients who want to have veneer surgery should consult a dentist first and have an idea according to their needs. Many factors affect the price, such as the materials that the dentist will use and the needs of the patient, the equipment used during the operation, and the cost set by the dentist for this operation, and the quality of the veneer that will be measured. 

In fact, the price of Turkish veneers is classified according to the types of veneers. Dental fillings can be paid separately. Similarly, pricing can be based on details such as process improvements such as cracked teeth and tooth decay. The prices of dental veneers in Turkey are generally different. 

Porcelain or zirconium veneers are the most commonly used materials. The metal frame is used to increase the durability of the porcelain tooth veneer. The price of dental veneers depends on the materials used in the surgery. The number of teeth to be manufactured is very important. Usually the price of each tooth goes up.

Does the health insurance company pay for Dental Veneers? 

Health insurance companies generally do not cover the costs of dental treatments. You need to make a special contract for this. In order for your health insurance to cover the costs of dental veneer treatment, you need to make an agreement in advance. You should call the insurance company to find out.

Can you buy Dental Veneers on installments? 

In many countries of the world, the cost of dental veneer treatment is paid in advance. No installments are made. If you are going to pay with your credit card, you can use the installment option of your credit card. Apart from this, there is no special installment system.

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