A dental veneer is a fantastic way to improve your smile, especially if your teeth are partially fractured, malformed, stained, or cannot be whitened.

Here are some of the benefits of dental veneers:

  • Veneers can be done in only two visits
  • The color of teeth can be changed by dental veneer
  • The porcelain has the natural appearance of teeth and will not stain.

But remember how much we hated going to the dentist as kids? If you still dislike visiting the dentist’s office as an adult, it’s probably because it’s so expensive. Thus if you’re looking for the best dental veneers in the world, you’ve come to the right site!

And It’s true what you’ve heard about dental treatments in those overseas countries. These luxury dentistry choices, which are available in countries such as Turkey, Croatia, and Hungary, are certainly game changers for those of us who cannot afford costly dental care services at home.

And now, we’ll take you on a voyage across the top ten best countries for dental veneers, with the hope that you’ll arrive at your destination.

1. Turkey 

Turkey is undoubtedly our first choice for the top 10 best destinations for veneers because the country’s medical tourism is simply irresistible.

Many factors go into having Veneer, and you don’t want to receive cheap materials, and you’d like to get a full set of teeth. Turkey has packages that allow you to acquire high-quality dental veneers for half the price you pay at home.

The average cost of full mouth veneers in Turkey is around $4300, which is 70% less than the average cost in countries such as the United States.

Remember that these prices are all-inclusive in Turkey, which means you won’t have to pay another penny or expenditures after the veneer’s treatment, such as airport transportation and hotel!

2. Croatia 

Second on our list is Croatia, which provides one of the best dental care treatments at a cheaper price than other European neighboring nations and is a popular summer tourist destination for many people from the United Kingdom and other countries across the world.

If Croatia wasn’t already on your list for medical tourism, you might want to reconsider. Dentists with extensive experience can be found in Croatia’s capital. Compared to other European countries, the average cost of dental veneers ranges from €218.50 to €400 per tooth.

Furthermore, Croatia being quick and easy to reach via cheap airfare is another advantage.

3. Poland 

Krakow, the ancient country and Germany’s next-door city and the capital of Poland, is where most patients from Germany and neighboring countries visit to get dental veneers.

The price is reasonable, and travel is simple, and you are guaranteed to receive high-quality dental veneers. The cost may not be lower than in the preceding countries.

But Poland is equipped with cutting-edge dental equipment to deliver the most cost-effective aesthetic dental treatment, with prices starting at €350 per tooth.

4. Hungry 

Hungry is easily number two on the list, with so many fantastic dentist clinics with so many great dentist clinics with a long experience and cutting edge technology that can get you a 10-year lifespan of veneers in the capital Budapest, 

What makes Hungary appealing is its excellent blend of outstanding service, contemporary facilities, and cheap prices. Similar to Turkey, they provide a low-cost package that includes hotel and airport transportation.

In Hungary, a complete set of veneers costs around €2,900.

5. Czech Republic

Many of the country’s top skilled dentists have established their famous clinics in Prague, the country’s capital city. One of the perks of getting dental veneers in the Czech Republic is the high quality of care and compatible prices.” 

The typical cost of porcelain veneers is roughly 7500 CZK per tooth, which is about €300.

However, it may vary based on each individual’s dental care needs before inserting the veneers, and you may incur additional costs such as a first dentist examination at 1.050 CZK and a follow-up dental examination of roughly 670 CZK.

6. Mexico 

Mexico’s famous cities, such as Cancun and Tijuana, have long been popular tourist destinations for many Americans. If you live in Europe, this may seem like a long way to travel to get dental veneers, and it is indeed a long journey.

But, with inexpensive tickets and a three-week vacation full of freedom, why not? The cost of dental veneers is certainly worth it, as is the extra time you’ll have to enjoy the nonstop beach vacation.

Mexico also offers exceptional dental care treatments, including veneers! In Mexico, the average cost of dental veneers is roughly $450 per tooth.

7. Germany 

We can’t deny that a country like Germany is fascinated with progress. The dentistry treatments there are unfathomable, and they go above and beyond!

While it is correct to state that Germany is the greatest in the medical industry and has cutting-edge technologies, it is also fair to think that many of the other countries we listed are competing for unscalable services and treatments to offer for their patients at a cheaper cost.

However, it is your budget and your choices in the end. As long as it is affordable, you can go for it! 

The average cost for veneers in Germany can start from €525 to €2,500 per tooth.

8. Thailand 

If you ever dreamt of going backpacking in your early twenties to Thailand and getting that southeast Asia full tour, But it has long gone, and now you have responsibilities. 

Well, guess what, now you got your chance to trick your way into an amazing Asian atmosphere. Thailand is arguably one of one the best countries in South Asia, offering dental treatment and veneers. 

While it might cost you less traveling to neighboring countries and getting dental veneers there ( if you are around Europe), Thailand has that dream that makes it worth the trip. 

9. Singapore 

It is a choice to make if you are indeed taking a world or business trip to Southeast Asia. Few countries can get you a cost-effective dental treatment, such as Thailand and Malaysia, lastly, Singapore. 

However, if you are looking for treatments such as veneers, Singapore may be your second choice if you are traveling in Asia, owing to the fact that it is slightly more expensive than Thailand.

Singapore’s cost for veneers is $589-$825 per tooth. 

10. United kingdom 

Yes, it’s at the bottom of our ranking, but it doesn’t imply UK dentistry doesn’t or can’t deliver high-quality dental care to its citizens. The United Kingdom is one of the most sophisticated countries in terms of medical care, as well as a country as a whole.

However, the fact that many UK patients seek veneers in  abroad is understandable, given that visits to the dentist’s office are frequently not covered by insurance. Neither does the NHS.

In the UK, veneers will cost you between £500 and £1000 for each tooth.

11. Spain 

The most popular travel destination for UK residents for many obvious reasons, the fantastic nearby holiday escape is undoubtedly at the top of the list. Still, when it comes to medical care, the NHS waiting list for several treatment procedures is frequently long, and many dental clinics in the UK do not provide any discounts.

Individuals from the United Kingdom and other adjacent European countries will benefit from the three-hour flying option to Spain. As the country does, in fact, provide excellent dentistry and medical services in general.

The average cost of veneers in Spain is €495 per tooth.

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