Lainey Wilson In Full Effect

The Rise of an Unapologetic Star

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll know that Lainey Wilson has been taking the country music world by storm. This 31-year-old firecracker from small-town Baskin, Louisiana, has gone from struggling singer living in a camper to becoming the hottest new voice on the scene.

At the 2023 CMA Awards, Lainey swept the board by winning a history-making 5 trophies — Entertainer, Female Vocalist, Album, Musical Event, and Music Video of the Year. Not too shabby for someone who spent over a decade getting doors slammed in her face while trying to make it in Nashville.

But Lainey’s rise has also ignited a very different conversation — the constant chatter and speculation around her body and her recent weight loss transformation.

The Rumor Mill Keeps Churning

Country Girl For Life

Like any woman thrust into the spotlight, Lainey’s figure has been dissected and critiqued from every angle. Rumors spread like wildfire about her dropping an incredible 70 lbs, with dodgy companies even using her for deceptive weight loss gummy ads.

In her typical bold, straightforward fashion, Lainey wasn’t having any of it. She took to Instagram to set the record straight and shut down those gummy scammers once and for all:

“Alright y’all, by now I’m sure a lot y’all have seen some ads about me losing weight, being hospitalized and then I started taking some weight loss gummies and blah blah blah that saved my life. Well surprise, it ain’t true. People will do whatever to make a dollar, even if it is lies. Cause ain’t nobody sent me any gummies.”

So there you have it, straight from the “bell bottom country” queen’s mouth. While she has admittedly slimmed down, it’s from the grind of touring — playing 1.5 hour high-energy shows every night while constantly being on the move. Not a miracle gummy or sketchy weight loss product in sight.

Does Lainey Wilson Have A Diet?

The real Lainey diet? Meal prepping lean proteins, veggies, yogurts, and salads to stay nourished on the road, with the occasional cheat meal pizza to keep herself sane. Sounds pretty reasonable and sustainable to me!

Embracing Every Curve

What I love most about Lainey is her total self-assurance and the way she laughs off any fixation on her body or weight. When pesky internet trolls started scrutinizing her curvy figure as she gained more fame, she shut them down with her signature sassy spirit:

“I’m like you know what? At the end of the day, if [my body] is what brought people to my music and they stuck around because of it then to hell with it. Now, I mean it’s a little weird in the beginning like being sexualized, but also I’ve worked my fingers to the bone.”

Then she drew inspiration from one of her biggest role models, the one and only Dolly Parton:

“You know at the end of the day, we were talking about Dolly. I mean, she flaunts it, she’s proud of it!”

It’s that same energy that drove Lainey to write the hilarious duet ‘Thicc As Thieves’ with her buddy Lauren Alaina. Take a look at these lyrics celebrating their bodacious bods:

The Thicker The Better

“We’re thicker than our accents, thicker than our hair / Thicker than the Georgia and Louisiana air / Thicker than molasses from the patches to the seams / Stealin’ hearts is in our jeans / Us southern girls, we’re thick as thieves!”

You can’t help but admire their confidence and self-love! Lainey isn’t here to meet anyone’s body expectations — she’s far too busy being an unstoppable country music force to be bothered.

The Bell Bottom Revolution

Of course, when you think of Lainey Wilson’s defining style, those flared bell bottoms immediately come to mind. Her obsession with the retro 70s silhouette has become just as iconic as her vocals.

As Lainey explained to Variety, it was all part of her strategic vision to stand out from the Nashville crowd in a unique, authentic way:

“I was really trying to figure out what could I do to stand apart from the rest of the females in Nashville, because it’s very important to do that. And what is something that is really true to me? And for me it was whole bell bottom throwback look.”

Trend Setter

While the rest of the world caught up on skintight denim and body-con style trends, Lainey proudly rocked her sassy flares. She didn’t care if people thought she looked “goofy” — she knew her bellbottoms highlighted her killer curves and individualized her brand.

Dr. Abdullah Sisik on Lainey Wilson’s Weight Loss Transformation

“**Lainey Wilson’s weight loss journey is a testament to her dedication and hard work. Her transformation is not just about physical appearance but also about maintaining a healthy lifestyle amidst a demanding career. Lainey’s approach to weight loss, focusing on balanced nutrition and consistent physical activity, is exemplary. She meal preps lean proteins, vegetables, yogurts, and salads to stay nourished, which is a sustainable and healthy strategy.

Her rejection of unhealthy weight loss gimmicks and emphasis on natural methods like regular exercise during her high-energy tours highlight the importance of realistic and long-term weight management solutions. Lainey’s confidence and self-assurance, despite public scrutiny, serve as a powerful reminder that true beauty and health come from embracing oneself and making informed, healthy choices. Her story is an inspiration to many, demonstrating that with the right mindset and dedication, achieving one’s health goals is possible without compromising one’s well-being.**”

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