Peggy Rose Larwrence has certainly become a controversial figure, catapulting to fame through the latest season of Married at First Sight (MAFS). Her actions, from her beliefs and overall demeanor to her striking looks, have sparked widespread commentary. Notably, her recent car acquisition stirred public disapproval. However, it’s her significant change in appearance that has garnered intense scrutiny. Many viewers suggest that such a drastic transformation could only be the result of several plastic surgeries and non-surgical treatments. Peggy’s not the only one from the show to face such speculation, but her relationship with her husband Georges has particularly drawn attention. Let’s delve into the speculation surrounding Peggy from MAFS and her rumored cosmetic procedures.

Who Is Peggy Rose?

Who Is Peggy Rose?

Originally from Kent, Peggy Rose Lawrence has led a diverse career. Initially working as a technology risk partner, described by Capital FM as a consultant role within the IT sector, she transitioned into a reality TV celebrity with her participation in the 2023 season of Married at First Sight. This wasn’t her first foray into television, however. After her stint on the show, she left her tech position for a lucrative role in the fashion industry, reportedly securing a job with a five-figure salary.

Her relationship with Georges has been a focal point of public discussion, but it’s worth noting that Peggy first stepped into the reality TV spotlight in 2012 at 19 years old on ITV’s Take Me Out, a dating game show. There, host Paddy McGuinness dubbed her “picky Peggy” due to her selective nature in choosing a date. Years after being tagged as “picky,” Peggy met Georges on MAFS. Despite facing ups and downs, they continue to be together.

Has Peggy Rose Undergone Cosmetic Enhancements Since MAFS?

Although Peggy Rose has neither confirmed nor refuted undergoing cosmetic surgery, there’s widespread speculation that the television personality has opted for procedures such as brow lifts, implants, Botox, fillers, and potentially breast augmentation.

Various media sources have remarked on Peggy’s “unrecognizable” transformation since her appearance on Take Me Out, where she once sported brunette locks, large hoop earrings, smoky makeup, and a black corset, showcasing a look markedly different from her current one.

While some of these changes might be ascribed to natural aging and a shift in fashion sense, the significant alteration in her facial structure has led to discussions about the difficulty in reconciling the image of Peggy from Take Me Out with the Peggy seen on Married at First Sight.

What Cosmetic Procedures is Peggy Rose Rumored to Have Undergone?

Peggy’s transformation has sparked rumors of several cosmetic interventions:


Peggy’s smooth facial appearance has led many to speculate that Botox injections are her go-to for maintaining a wrinkle-free look. However, there are whispers suggesting she might have indulged a bit too much, giving her face a somewhat “frozen” appearance, noticeable even in emotional moments where her expressions seem constrained.

Botox Explained Botox, or Botulinum toxin, is a favored method for erasing facial wrinkles and lines, achieving its effect by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles, typically for three to four months.

When administered correctly, Botox results can appear quite natural, avoiding an overly stiff or unnatural facial appearance. The dosage and the individual’s needs are critical considerations; skilled practitioners tailor their approach accordingly.


Peggy’s lips are significantly fuller than in her earlier public appearances, sparking conjecture about the use of dermal fillers for lip enhancement. The noticeable increase in volume in both her upper and lower lips compared to her time on Take Me Out suggests the use of this cosmetic technique.

Lip Injections and Their Composition Dermal fillers, consisting of a gel-like substance made from hyaluronic acid, a compound naturally occurring in the body, not only help in collagen production but also in moisture retention due to their hygroscopic nature.

Achieving a natural look with dermal fillers hinges on moderation. Excessive use or migration of the filler can lead to the undesired “duck lip” appearance.


Notably, Peggy’s cheeks and chin appear more pronounced, leading to rumors of chin implants. Her chin seems more defined and her face longer, potentially indicating the use of implants or fillers to enhance volume.

While some believe Peggy might have opted for chin implants for a more lasting effect, others speculate on the use of fillers, which, despite requiring periodic updates—lasting between six months to two years—offer a non-permanent solution compared to implants.

Peggy Rose plastic surgery before and after

Brow Lift Speculation

A significant transformation in Peggy’s appearance that has led to widespread speculation is a brow lift. Observers point out her eyebrows’ ends appear much higher than they did back in 2012, contributing to a noticeably taut, “snatched” facial appearance. This change has fueled beliefs about her undergoing a brow lift.

Brow Lift Procedure Insight

A brow lift involves surgical incisions through which the surgeon can adjust or remove tissue to elevate the forehead and eyebrows. The goal is to not only lift the brows but also smooth out ageing signs like wrinkles and frown lines, for a rejuvenated facial appearance.

Considering Peggy is just 32, undergoing such a procedure might seem unnecessary due to likely healthy skin elasticity. An alternative, such as a thread lift, a less invasive method using medical-grade thread to pull the skin, might have been considered. However, typically, thread lifts are recommended for individuals in their late 30s to early 50s, as per the Cleveland Clinic.

Breast Augmentation Rumors

Though there’s no explicit confirmation, speculation about Peggy having breast augmentation comes from intriguing comments made by her husband, Georges.

Breast Augmentation Context

Georges’s remarks to the show’s producers were telling: “I love fake boobs. The shape, symmetry, and feel are unmatched,” he said, as cited by heat world. He further addressed potential critics by stating, “…sorry if that offends people, but it won’t cost me any sleep. It’s just a preference,” hinting at a possible breast augmentation for Peggy.

Nose Job Considerations Rumors also circulated about Peggy possibly having rhinoplasty, though evidence suggests her nose remains similar to its appearance on Take Me Out, characterized by its slim, long shape with a button-tip and slight droop, indicating little to no change in that aspect.

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