If you have one or more missing teeth, your dentist may suggest one of several solutions. Cheaper bridges and dentures are options that may help you avoid the hardship and embarrassment that comes with tooth loss.

However, as a last resort, your dentist may recommend full-mouth dental implants. Despite their high cost, implants have certain advantages over alternative treatments, particularly dentures.

If you’re thinking of going overseas because of the excessive expense of a single dental implant or a complete mouth implant in your home country. 

In that case,  We’ll have prepared for you a journey across the top 10 best countries for dental implants, And we hope you’ll arrive at your ideal budget-friendly destination.

1. Turkey 

While Turkey excels in many medical cosmetics fields, dental implants are at the top of the modern medical pyramid, making the country a more popular medical tourism destination.

Turkey’s famous metropolitan city Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in the world. Dental treatments and clinics provided by experienced doctors with 10 to 15 years of expertise offer top-notch packages for less than €3,500, which includes your hotel stay for the procedure, a 5-star hotel, of course, airport transposition, and no additional fees once you’ve received your quoted cost in your free consultation.

In Turkey, the average cost of a single dental implant is less than €250.

2. Hungary 

Both Hungary and Croatia are worth visiting, and both can be considered the second-best option for the top ten dental implants list. And, even though Croatia was ranked second on our last ranking of the best ten dental veneers. 

Hungary is the best option when it comes to more complicated dental procedures, such as dental implants. Though there may not be a big difference, however, more highly skilled clinics with a few more years under their belt may ensure longer-lasting outcomes with dental implants.

In addition, there is no substantial cost difference. Traveling to both countries can be cheap if you are located in Europe

The average cost of dental implants in Hungary is €914 for a single implant.

3. Croatia 

If we cannot place Croatia second, the third position is highly merited.

Many European travelers visit Croatia throughout the summer, however, if you haven’t heard, Croatia has been offering plenty of dentistry treatments for patients around Europe. 

Croatian dentist clinics offer a cheaper cost than many other countries in Europe The edgy cutting technology you are looking for in this day of age in dental care is also available to make you feel no discomfort and have long-lasting, high-quality dental implants.

The average cost of dental implants in Croatia is €855 for single tooth implants.

4. Czech Republic

Dental implants are also an excellent alternative in Prague. The Czech Republic’s capital provides a luxurious experience for dental care procedures, with high standards of care and low pricing.

There are highly trained clinics in the Czech Republic with over 15 years of dentistry experience that may help you regain your lost teeth for an average of €9320 for all on 4-dental implants.

After your treatment, you can explore the ancient city of Prague. 

5. Poland 

Currently, the ancient city of Krakow in Poland may be an excellent option for you to visit for dental implants. It is, indeed, ranked fifth. Nonetheless, the country is attempting to encourage more medical tourism.

Poland is a good choice if you live in a nearby region, such as Germany or Austria, or perhaps the United Kingdom.

In Poland, the average cost of dental implants is roughly €275 per tooth, with all-on-4 dental implants costing around €6430.

6. Mexico 

We have a few remote travel options overseas, and of course, this one does not count if you are a US citizen, since Mexico has long been a popular option for Americans, but if you are in Europe or another part of the world.

Mexico is undoubtedly a missed opportunity for a fantastic deal on dental implants and an extended holiday. While it is unlikely to be a choice for many people seeking dental implants, it should be highlighted.

In Mexico, the average cost of dental implants is $7527 for all-on-4 dental implants.

7. Singapore 

Here is the best choice for you if you are on a business trip or just traveling around Asia, The metropolitan city is underrated for its medical treatments improvements if you didn’t know. Singapore has basically held the crown for any medical solutions in Asia, and dentistry is one of them.

The cost comes slightly higher than next door countries like Thailand and Malaysia. However, getting dental implants in there is a content treatment.

The average cost you may expect to pay is $7708 for all-on-4 dental implants.

8. Thailand 

We don’t need to introduce the wonderful no-winter full-year country. Thailand was previously mentioned as a destination for dental veneers treatments.

And we must emphasize it once more for the ten best countries for dental implants. The cost will be meager as long as you are willing to go a long distance and spend a few weeks in the atmospheric Southeast Asian existence.

The average cost of all-on-4 dental implants is roughly $6272 and $235 for single tooth implants.

9. Germany 

We apologize for placing the most advanced countries at the bottom of the list. The high cost of dental implants is a minor worry for many of Germany’s patients. The country is unquestionably a fantastic place to undergo dental implants procedure and dental care in general.

All-on-4 Dental Implants will cost you a minimum of €7428-10057. Other post-procedure and initial dental examinations are not included.

10. United Kingdom

Without a doubt, the country is a fantastic site for healthcare and is highly regarded in dentistry throughout Europe. The only floss you may encounter in the UK, whether you are a UK citizen or not. Dental implants are not covered by insurance or the NHS. Thus UK residents must fly abroad to find a cheaper option.

The average cost of a single dental implant in the UK is £1,866, and other procedures, such as All-on-4 Dental Implants, can cost up to £10,057.

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