Why Do Your Veneers Smell Bad?

Sometimes there may also be a smell in the mouth due to the tooth veneer or tooth bridge. But duly made veneers and bridges do not have bad breath.

The dentist must make the veneer from a biocompatible material. The physician must follow the rules during the process of making a dental veneer.

If it does not exist, the accumulation of food residues and not being cleaned easily in the missing tooth area called the underbody in the gum edges and tooth bridge, which is not cleaned well, can cause a bad smell.

In dental bridges, the underbody area is given a shape that can be easily cleaned. The patient should also clean the underside of the body with a toothbrush and decontamination brushes after eating.

Bad breath can be for many reasons, as it is mostly caused by teeth. We can encounter this bad breath in individuals with poor oral hygiene, related tooth decay, and gum disease. In addition, the fact that coated teeth cause bad breath is also one of the most common problems.

Zirconium veneers are also one of the most commonly applied treatments to teeth in the last decade. It is not normal for these veneers to smell. The fact that the veneers smell is mostly due to a lack of oral hygiene.

In addition, the gum alignment of the aging veneers decays and food begins to escape between the tooth and the veneer. Bad breath becomes inevitable because this creates a cleaning problem. In the presence of this type of bad breath, you should definitely contact your dentist and determine the source of the problem.

Do Zirconium Veneers cause odour in the mouth?

Although bad breath can occur for various reasons, it is usually dental in origin. Bad breath is commonly seen in individuals with inadequate oral hygiene and tooth decays that develop accordingly. In addition, it is a common problem for coated teeth to cause bad breath. Zirconium veneers, one of the most preferred treatments recently, do not cause odour under normal conditions. However, the odour of veneers is usually caused by inadequate oral hygiene. In addition, the compatibility of the old veneers with the gums deteriorates and food begins to accumulate between the tooth and the veneer. This situation leads to cleaning problems and makes bad breath inevitable. In case of this kind of bad breath, the source of the problem should be determined by consulting a dentist.

Why Does Veneer Tooth Make Bad Smell?

Veneers do not directly cause bad breath. The main cause of bad breath is not brushing the teeth regularly. Other causes of bad breath are as follows:

  • Infections in the mouth can cause odour.
  • Dry mouth can cause bad odour.
  • Alcohol consumption also causes an unpleasant mouth odour.
  • Patients with kidney disorders may experience bad breath even if they do not have decayed teeth.
  • Nasal and sinus disorders are also among the causes of bad breath.
  • Rotten teeth can cause bad breath.
  • Starving for a long time can also cause bad breath.

How to prevent bad smells from dental veneers?

It should always be borne in mind that we use prostheses. If the bridge body presses on the gum, infection occurs in this area, as the gum will bleed and the vascular structure will deteriorate over time.

When the bridge body presses on the gum, it is necessary to unscrew the bridge and eliminate the pressure. Otherwise, this problem will not be fixed.

Another cause of bad breath that occurs due to tooth veneer or tooth bridge is that the veneer is not compatible with the edge of the gum. It is possible to encounter this problem if a cut is made in violation of the rules in the area where the gum and the tooth meet during the tooth cut.

Another reason for the problem that occurs in the area of the junction of the veneer edge and the gum is that the measurement is not clear.

After the tooth is cut, a temporary tooth should be made and a clear measurement should be taken. Thus, the boundaries of the dental veneer can be clearly and accurately determined by the dental laboratory.

From time to time, some problems may also arise due to the fault of the dental laboratory during the production stage. The material of a good and high-quality dental veneer should be such that it does not put pressure on the gum and is in harmony with the body.

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