Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK)

What is Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK) and when did it appear?

The method of vision correction LASIK appeared in 1989. Today it is the most popular in the whole world. Medical centers and clinics in 45 countries work according to the LASIK method. Over the past decade, more than 15 million corrections have been carried out around the world. Laser eye surgery (LASIK) is an outpatient procedure, which is used to treat farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. The laser is used to change the cornea (a transparent circular dome in the front of the eye) to improve the way the eye focuses light rays onto the retina at the back of the eye.

With the help of laser eye surgery (LASIK),

an ophthalmologist creates a thin flap in the cornea using either a laser or a blade. The surgeon folds the flap and accurately removes a very specific amount of corneal tissue under the flap with the help of the laser. Then the flap returns to its original position where it heals in place. It is important that any person who plans to perform the operation LASIK had realistic expectations. LASIK allows people to perform most of their daily tasks without glasses and corrective lenses. However, people who are looking for the perfect vision without glasses or contacts, run the risk of being disappointed. More than ninety percent of people who have LASIK reach somewhere between 20/30 and 20/40 vision without glasses or contact lenses.

You must be prepared that you may need a second operation (called re-treatment or improvement) or that you may need to wear glasses for certain activities, such as driving or reading at night. In addition, you should be aware that laser eye surgery (LASIK) cannot correct a presbyopia associated with age.


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