Clinic Bariatric


Clinic Bariatric is a weight loss surgery clinic that was founded in 2019 by four bariatric surgeons in İstanbul, Turkey. They provide low cost & high-quality weight loss treatments in Istanbul. They especially serve international patients outside of Turkey.

Clinic Bariatric has a team of surgeons, dieticians, and psychologists. Thus, they do not leave their patients alone during their journey to lose weight. They create a supportive, atmosphere to their patients for the pre and post-op process.

Patients have access to 4 carefully selected surgeons for their weight-loss operations. Their purpose is to deliver the highest standards of bariatric surgery and post-operative aftercare for their patients. With their patient-oriented approach, they touch the lives of more than 500 people from various countries of the world.


Weight loss surgeries in the clinic are carried out by the following doctors.

  • Dr. Abdullah Şişik
  • Dr. Mehmet Gençtürk
  • Dr. Selim Sözen
  • Dr. Serkan Bayıl
  • Transportation to hotel.


Clinic Bariatric offers treatment services like Gastric Sleeve surgery, Gastric Bypass Surgery, Revision Surgery, and Gastric Balloon Operation.

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