How can breast implants London restore the aesthetics of the appearance?

In today’s modern world, breast implants London are very popular among woman.  Every woman has her own ideas about the beauty of the bust and the proportions of female beauty. It is impossible not to take into account the factors of “fashion” on the type of female physique. For several decades, the views on the beauty of the figure have changed many times. In the 1970s and 1980s, the standard was a subtle and fragile physique. Artists and photographers sang a teenage woman with narrow hips and a small, barely perceptible chest. In the 1990s, long legs, a thin waist, and a high chest were elevated to the rank of the standard. Nowadays, stylists and fashion designers (fashion trendsetters) prefer women with a moderately athletic physique.

Breast reduction or breast implants London is based on personal perceptions of the standards of proportions. Nevertheless, it should be emphasized that it is the female breasts that are most vulnerable to a number of factors leading to a permanent loss of natural beauty. The small breasts cause many ladies, not just frustration, but serious complexes that negatively affect the psychological condition. Especially painful is the loss of the elasticity of the mammary glands after the lactation period. In this case, only breast implants London with simultaneous shape correction can solve the problem of restoring the aesthetics of the appearance radically. A beautiful breast restores self-confidence to a woman, relieves depression and psychological discomfort.

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Preparing for breast implants London

Breast augmentation or breast implants London is a plastic surgery performed taking into account the wishes of women regarding the size and shape of the breast. The surgeon should clearly know what the result the patient is expecting. All important points are discussed in preliminary consultations, and after mandatory diagnostic examinations, the surgical technique is chosen with the help of which it is possible to achieve the set goals in the best way without harming one’s health. When planning a breast enlargement operation, anthropometric data are taken into account:

  • tall;
  • the natural form and volume of mammary glands;
  • location of the nipple-areolar complex;
  • the width of chest.

Further, the conditions of the skin, the severity of the subcutaneous tissue, the state of the musculoskeletal apparatus are examined. The surgeon must take into account the age and health status of the patient; predict possible complications and peculiarities of the rehabilitation course. The purpose of plastic surgery, in addition to breast augmentation (breast implants London), is the creation of a beautiful bust that harmonizes with the female figure.

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