How can the hair transplantation help to restore the natural hair?

Nowadays, it is possible to have natural hair due to 1 key advance. Most doctors now transplant the strong hairs a several at a time. It reduces the fake doll-like hair that patients observed in the 70s and 80s. Back then, parts of hair called hair plugs were located in the thinning region. In time, the hair plugs grew quite noticeable.  Developments in performing the hairline and putting the hairs in the thinning areas also help produce natural hair results. Thanks to these improvements, the effects can look so real that a hairdresser or stylist cannot tell you have had anything done.

While these approaches are providing patients with natural hair, the result still depends mainly on the doctor you select. You need to choose a surgeon who knows hair loss and makes hair transplants regularly. Dermatologists practice in situations that affect our hair, skin, and nails, so they know a lot of hair loss. Many also make hair transplantation and can inform you whether you are a good candidate for this procedure.

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What does happen during hair transplant to restore the natural hair?

You can suppose that hair transplantation will take 3 to 7 hours. If you have many hairs transplanted, you may need to return the next day for several hours. Most patients still awake during the whole operation and need only anesthesia, which causes the scalp to become numb. Some patients also take a light sedative to assist them to relax.

The operation starts with your dermatologist removing the normal and healthy hairs. To provide you natural hair results, your dermatologist may extract the healthy hairs by either cutting a piece of skin with good hairs from your scalp or removing original hairs. The second method takes a lot more time but bypasses leaving a narrow, long scar on your scalp. It can be very beneficial if you favor close-shaven haircuts like buzz cuts.

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