How is the tummy tuck Manchester performed?

Modern standards of beauty require a flat belly. However, just a few women after pregnancy and childbirth can boast of the fact that they quickly returned to their previous form. In addition, there are many more reasons that lead to sagging belly and flabbiness of the skin in this zone. Coping with the problem can be due to abdominoplasty in Manchester. At present, tummy tuck Manchester is very popular procedure for women. Moreover, it is the third most popular plastic surgery in the world. Most often, abdominoplasty is performed by patients aged 30-40 years. The cost of the tummy tuck Manchester is quite affordable, the effectiveness is proven. So it is not surprising that the procedure is so common.

Well, sometimes diet and exercises cannot help to achieve well-toned and flat belly. Even some people with normal weight and body proportions may develop belly that is sagging and loose. The most common reasons for this are:

  • Pregnancy
  • Prior surgery
  • Ageing
  • Heredity
  • Significant fluctuations in weight

A tummy tuck Manchester requires removing large fat deposits, as well as saggy skin in the entire front of the abdomen. In addition, during the procedure, the musculature of the abdominal wall can be tightened. A tummy tuck can significantly enhance the look of the belly stretched forward. Of course, the outcome of the tummy tuck is completely affected by the individual condition of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and musculature. The best prerequisites for achieving great tummy tuck result are with people in good physical condition, whose fat deposits in the abdominal area or especially loose tissue do not react not to training, not on a diet. After the abdominal tightening operation, a relatively long scar in the bikini zone will be visible, which in time will become less noticeable and palpable. Moreover, the navel is displaced and slight changes in shape occur and the appearance of a small, barely noticeable scar.

Remember that abdominoplasty does not mean an appropriate exercise program or weight loss. Although the outcomes of a tummy tuck Manchester are permanent, the positive result can be considerably reduced by significant changes in your weight. For this understanding, women who are planning future pregnancies and individuals who are thinking about visible weight loss would be recommended to postpone this surgery. Additionally, a tummy tuck usually cannot correct stretch marks. Although they can be removed or slightly improved if they are located on the regions of excess skin that will be cut.

The tummy tuck Manchester can be mini and full:

  • Mini tummy tuck Manchester. If changes in the abdomen are not very significant, then the patient is given a mini-abdominoplasty. The doctor makes a horizontal incision above the pubic bone, turns away and fixes the skin and cellulose, stitches the rectus muscles of the abdomen. After that, excess skin and subcutaneous fat are removed; the edges of the operating wound are tightened and sewn together.
  • Full tummy tuck Manchester. During a full abdominoplasty, the doctor also holds a cut not only along the bikini line but also around the navel. By connecting the abdominal muscles between each other, the surgeon forms the navel at the place where it should be. After excision of excess fiber and skin, the incisions are sutured. The results of the operation are obvious after a short period of time and the patient’s abdomen becomes flat and elastic.
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The advantages of tummy tuck Manchester

  • The operation is carried out by experienced and highly qualified specialists who do not make any medical mistakes.
  • Tummy tuck Manchester involves the latest equipment and modern surgical instruments.
  • In the postoperative period, the patient is under the supervision of experienced medical personnel.
  • Thanks to modern methods of performing the operation, the rehabilitation period is minimal.
  • The patient can pay for the treatment in any convenient way.

Modern techniques of plastic surgery in Manchester, which are distinguished by high safety standards, minimize contraindications to abdominoplasty. However, in the presence of severe chronic diseases, there may be a need for individual preoperative preparation in accordance with the recommendations of the specialists of the chosen clinic. All necessary examinations, including preoperative examination of the surgeon, anesthesiologist and therapist, as well as laboratory tests and instrumental studies, are carried out within the clinic within the shortest possible time. Tummy tuck Manchester is carried out in the following way:

  • Abdominoplasty is carried out under general anaesthesia in a day hospital or short-term hospitalization (depending on the volume of the procedure and the general condition of the patient).
  • The surgical procedure lasts about three hours.
  • During the operation, the surgeon performs several incisions of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and abdominal fascia.
  • The fascia is sutured with the strong suture, preventing its sagging, which gives the stomach a flat and resilient appearance, and then the excess of subcutaneous fat and skin is removed.
  • At the end of the tummy tuck Manchester, cosmetic sutures are applied in unobtrusive places, guaranteeing minimum cicatricial changes in the area of natural folds, invisible to the naked eye.

The postoperative period after abdominoplasty: in the postoperative period, moderate pains in the abdominal region, which can be effectively treated with modern anaesthetics, are possible. During the tummy tuck Manchester, in the area of the incisions, drainage tubes are inserted, which ensure the outflow of secretions from the wound area, in order to accelerate the healing process and prevent infectious complications. Drainage is removed as the discharge stops.

Moreover, the medical staff of the surgical department in the clinics of Manchester will help to get out of bed as quickly as possible and restore full mobility, which is necessary to prevent thrombosis in the lower limbs. In some cases, in the postoperative period, specialists can recommend the injection of anticoagulants (anti-coagulation agents) for the prevention of thrombosis. During the first six weeks, you need to wear a bandage that prevents the development of oedema and pain in the abdomen. At this time, it is necessary to avoid significant physical exertion, accompanied by slopes and tension of the skin.

In the clinics of Manchester, preoperative examinations are mandatory because some pathology can be asymptomatic. In addition, the tummy tuck must be done at a minimum weight, because if you lose weight after it, the problem of sagging skin of the abdomen may appear again. It is also very convenient to combine removal of postoperative, umbilical and inguinal hernias with liposuction. Examination performed before abdominoplasty, helps to understand what kind of operation will be most effective in your case.

Of course, the cost of the tummy tuck Manchester depends, first of all, on the state of your body, on what kind of operation you need. The most common operation “Standard” costs about $ 7,500. Some clinics in the Manchester also offer the “All inclusive” service; the tummy tuck price includes all ongoing studies, as well as the operation itself and the rehabilitation period. However, sometimes the patients do the tests in one medical centre (e.g. in their home country) and after it, they are going to perform the tummy tuck surgery in the Manchester. In this case, the cost will be slightly different, and sometimes in favour of the client’s wallet. During the first visit to the patient, the plastic surgeon collects all the data about the anamnesis of his life and the existing diseases, pregnancy, allergies to medicines.

The final results of tummy tuck Manchester can be assessed three months after the procedure, as the postoperative oedema decreases and normal abdominal proportions are restored. High professional level of plastic surgeons in Manchester and the widespread introduction of innovative technologies in the performance of plastic surgery guarantee the achievement of the desired results. Tummy tuck Manchester, conducted by the specialists of the clinic, left hundreds of patients from all over the world happy with their new appearance.

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