In which stages is the operation of implantation done?

Dental operation of implantation is ordinarily an outpatient surgery done in stages:

  • Your broken tooth is extracted.
  • Your jawbone is planned for surgery, a process that may need bone grafting.
  • After the jawbone improves, your oral doctor puts the implant metal post in your jawbone.
  • You go through a restorative period that may remain some months.
  • Your oral doctor sets the abutment, which is an addition of the implant metal post. (In some situations, when the implant is very steady, this can be performed at the same time that the implant is installed.)
  • After the soft tissue become well, your doctor will create molds of your jawbone and teeth and later install the final tooth or teeth.
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Before having a dental operation of implantation

If the jawbone is not thick sufficient or is extremely soft, you may require bone grafting before you can have a dental operation of implantation. That is because the strong chewing movement of your mouth exerts high pressure on your bone, and if it cannot maintain the implant, the operation likely would fail. The bone graft can build a more fixed base for the implant. In bone grafting, a portion of bone is separated from another part of the jaw or the body (your hip, for example) and then grafted to your jawbone. Another choice is to apply artificial bone to place in these regions. It may take some months for the grafted bone to increase enough new bone to carry a dental implant.

During dental operation of implantation, your oral doctor makes a cut to open your gum and bare the bone. Holes are exercised into the bone where the dental implant metal post will be located. While the post will assist as the tooth root, it is inserted below into the bone. At this point, you will still have a hole where your tooth is dropping. A type of temporary, partial, denture can be installed for appearance if required.

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