What are the reasons to choose dental implants Istanbul?

Hundred thousands of patients visit Turkey for treatment each year and dental implants Istanbul has a significant portion in that.  Technology and qualification of dentists in Turkey are as great as most advanced countries in Europe but costs are much cheaper.

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Teeth can be lost for several reasons: disease, injury, age, or insufficient oral hygiene. It is no difficulty to restore what is lost in the current world as ...

Dental implants Istanbul are popular for:

  • Advanced technology and quality facilities
  • Well established medical tourism market
  • Specialize in cosmetic surgery and dentistry
  • Superb weather all year round
  • Welcoming culture where nothing is too much trouble
  • Many clinics in Istanbul are on the Aegean coast
  • Dental implants Turkey are applied to substitute injured or damaged tooth roots. They work as teeth foundations and dentist in turkey places removable or fixed crowns on them to replace the natural teeth.

You know the benefits of dental implants Istanbul when it comes to restoring missing teeth: no embarrassing hassles or slips like dentures, great lifetime value, and strong bone health advantages. Remember that your teeth are as individual as you are. It needs an experienced and skilled dental practitioner to produce quality dental implants.

Dental implants Istanbul are applied to enhance the shape and appearance of your mouth, ease speaking and eating, improve oral hygiene and reduce the hassles that occur with removable dentures such as messy dental adhesives, slippage, and cleaning. According to WebMD’s oral health resource, success degrees of dental implants are dependent on their position in the jaw but in general, dentists in Istanbul find that there is a success rate of up to 97% in these procedures.

In addition, no 2 patients or their customized dental implants Istanbul treatments are completely alike, so the number of implant procedures, appointments, and cost of dental implants changes depending on the person. Unlike other tooth replacement benefits, perfect dental implants are very customized for your mouth and teeth – that is why they seem so natural.

Understanding the long-term patient advantages over other treatment alternatives, a growing number of insurance companies have begun providing some coverage. If yours does not, ask them if they will provide you with an allowance towards dental implants Istanbul equal to the price of a traditional dentures or bridge. Also, ask your dentist about payment and financing options.

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