What are the reasons to choose dental implants London UK?

There are many reasons why people may lose a tooth, whether it is through disease, decay, trauma, or simply old age. Nevertheless, missing a tooth can have functionality and aesthetic implications, as well as causing self-confidence issues. Some of the most popular treatments for missing teeth are a denture or fixed bridge. However, now dental implants London UK are becoming more and more popular.

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There is nothing better than your own teeth. But what if the tooth had to be removed? Dental implants UK are one of the most effective ways to improve your ...

The material of dental implants London UK

Dental implants are an artificial substitute for the root of the tooth. They fit directly into the jawbone and hold false teeth in place or the crowns, in the same way, that the roots support natural teeth. Dental implants London UK are ordinarily formed of titanium and have an internal screw (an abutment), which keeps the false tooth or teeth in place. One dental implant can support one or more replacement teeth.

A dental implant operation involves at least one surgery. You should have healthy gums, and your jawbone should be strong enough to hold the dental implants London UK. Some dentists will not insert dental implants if you are smoking, as this may affect the effectiveness of the treatment. Implants are also less likely to work if you have had radiation therapy. Some medical conditions, such as diabetes or osteoporosis, can affect how well the dental implants London UK work. However, you need to know more studies to know for sure. Perhaps your dentist may not recommend you implants if you have one of these conditions. Your dentist will tell you if the implants are your option.

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