What does minimally invasive technique such as Vaser lipo London use?

Vaser lipo London liposuction or ultrasound liposuction is used as a minimally invasive technique (a technique that involves penetrating the patient’s body through minimal punctures or incisions).

The vaser lipo London technique uses high-frequency sound waves that pass through a probe inserted under the patient’s skin and destroy the fat deposits. The destroyed fatty tissues are pumped out with the help of a special low-trauma system and an aspiration cannula. Before the operation, the patient must pass a standard set of tests to exclude the presence of diseases that are present in contraindications. Consultation with a plastic surgeon is also conducted, in which a general plan of work is planned and the desired result is discussed.

Vaser lipo London technology involves the use of ultrasound, which is the safest for the human body. On the surface of the skin, small punctures are made through which cannulas are inserted. With the help of ultrasound, the fat tissues are “melted” and then taken out. After the operation, small traces remain, which pass quickly enough and do not leave any scars behind.

Vaser lipo London technology allows you to achieve elimination of fat deposits without damage to blood vessels and large traumatism. Accordingly, the rehabilitation period does not last long and the patient can return to the usual rhythm of life within a few days.

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If you compare vaser lipo London with traditional liposuction, then you can find the following undeniable advantages:

  • Absence of the need for general anesthesia.
  • Carrying out the operation in the shortest possible time.
  • The minimum number of scars and bruises after surgery.
  • Lifting effect.
  • Clarity of prediction (the doctor always understands what result can be achieved by taking one or another step).
  • Ability to evaluate the results of work during the operation.

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