What is cataract? Symptoms and causes of eye disease

Cataract of the eye is a disease that is characterized by complete or partial clouding of the substance of the lens of the eye. This pathology is accompanied by a decrease in vision or its loss. Most often, cataract occurs in adults over 50 years of age. However, this disease is typical for any age. There are several types of the disease, which include traumatic, congenital, complicated and radiation cataract. With this disease, it is difficult to read, write, and work with small details. With the progress of cataracts, the color of the pupil becomes white instead of black.

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The main symptoms of cataracts

  • Appearance of double vision in the eye. This is an early symptom, as the disease progresses, it disappears.
  • Unclear images, the vagueness of images, which is not corrected with the help of contact lenses and glasses. Located objects are poorly visible both close and far. Patients characterize such vision as blurred with the formation of shrouds.
  • The appearance of flares and glare, which occur mainly at night.
  • Increased eye photosensitivity at night. In general, night vision deteriorates. All light sources seem excessively bright, irritating to the eyes.
  • The perception of color is disturbed, they all become paler. It is especially difficult for a person to perceive shades of purple and blue.

Symptoms of cataracts are the appearance of streaks and flickering of spots or various globules. The ancient Greeks called this disease a waterfall because in cataracts a person feels as if his eyes are covered with a veil.

There are several reasons that cause the development of cataracts. Among them are diabetes mellitus, leading to the development of diabetic cataract and other pathologies of the thyroid gland, smoking and long-term alcohol abuse, eye trauma, prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays on the eyeball. In addition, the most common cause is the age of a person. The more he grows older, the lower the body’s ability to resist toxins from the external environment.

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