What is FUE hair transplant cost around the world?

FUE hair transplant cost Due to the demand for hair transplantation procedures across the world, many people are asking themselves ‘how much does an FUE hair transplant cost?’. For many people, the FUE hair transplant cost of undergoing a hair transplant in their home country is just not affordable, and with the advances in technology and methods in other countries, hair transplantations have become both more accessible and more affordable.

In the past, those considering hair transplantation abroad were held back due to the lack of information on the prices and the clinics abroad. Although there are a number of factors that contribute to the FUE hair transplant cost, including the clinic/country of choice, the number of grafts, and the hair restoration technique, types chosen.

The team of letsmedi hair transplant have created this ultimate guide on hair transplant to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision if a hair transplantation in another country is suitable for you or no.  This guide contains the information you need to help you make a decision about your hair transplant procedure, such as how many grafts you may need, what the average price in each country is, and where to find reliable and quality clinics.

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How much does an FUE hair transplant cost ?

The average of an FUE hair transplant cost in the United States is $16,000, whereas the average FUE hair transplant cost in Turkey is $2,500. The large discrepancy from country to country is one of the main reasons people are choosing to get their FUE hair transplant procedure done abroad. In most cases, you can undergo an FUE hair transplant surgery, enjoy a holiday, and still save thousands of dollars.

The price of each individual’s hair transplant will vary depending on the following factors:

1- The technique you choose whether you prefer an FUE or a FUT method;

2- The number of grafts;

the surgeon;

3- The healthcare facility

PRP treatment included; and

the country.

FUE hair transplant cost in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States is significantly higher than in other countries due to higher operating costs the come associated with conducting business in those countries. This is one of the principal reasons for the huge increase in the number of people choosing abroad clinics/hospitals to perform their hair transplant surgery at. Although the price is much lower at many clinics abroad, it doesn’t mean that the quality of the service or the potential results achieved is of a lower standard.

Some clinics and surgeons work with have been thoroughly vetted to provide you with a peace of mind. They only work with reliable and quality health care providers around the globe.

If your concern is that the surgeon/doctor may not have had any or much international experience, you would be surprised to discover that many hair transplant specialists around the world have actually completed their training, have gained experience, and is registered with medical associations based in Western countries like Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, and United States America. This means that surgeons/doctors performing the hair transplantation in countries like Turkey, Hungry and Mexico have often trained in America, Britain or Australia.

FUE hair transplant cost varies and it depends on the country. We will mention some cost averages in some countries.

1- FUE hair transplant cost Average in Turkey 2,000 USD.

Turkey sees thousands of hair transplantation patients each year. Although Turkey is well-known for its ophthalmology treatments, it also homes to hair transplant clinics/hospitals and specialists in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and Izmir, offering hair transplantation at an average of 2,000 $. This price usually includes accommodation as well as airport and hotel transfers, PRP Therapy and making Turkey a very value-for-money destination.

2- FUE hair transplant cost Average in India 1,500 USD.

India is strategically located for many medical tourists. Many medical and healthcare tourists from the US, Australia, and Asia travel to India for more affordable medical treatments. There are many specialist clinics in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata that offer hair transplants averaging 1,500 USD.

3- FUE hair transplant cost Average in Hungary 3,600 USD.

Hungary’s central European location has propelled it as one of Europe’s favourite destination for hair transplantation patients looking for affordable hair transplants procedures. Hair transplant procedures in Hungary average 3,600 USD. In Hungary a lot of specialist hair transplant clinics in Budapest, Hungary’s capital whose specialists have trained in the United States.

4- FUE hair transplant cost Average in Poland 4,000 USD.

Poland is an eastern European country on the Baltic Sea which is renowned for its medieval architecture, Poland is a popular choice for many hair transplant patients across the globe. Krakow, Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw and Gdansk are Poland’s favourite holiday destinations. Hair transplantation procedures in Poland average 4,000 USD and many of Poland’s hair transplant surgeons have trained overseas.

5- FUE hair transplant cost Average in Mexico 4,600 USD.

Many hair transplantation procedures patients from the United States choose to make the journey across the border for cheaper and more accessible hair transplant procedure due to its proximity to their hometowns. The average price of a hair transplantation procedure in Mexico is 4,600 USD and the price usually includes airport and hotel transfers.

6- FUE hair transplant cost Average in Malaysia 5000 USD.

Malaysia is another popular destination for cosmetic procedures such as hair transplantation procedure, having gained a solid reputation as a superior international healthcare provider. Hair transplants procedures in Malaysia average 5000 USD. Many medical tourists choose Malaysia for hair tranplants and to travel to Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru with many of the health care providers in those cities having the globally recognized JCI accreditation and their doctors/surgeons having trained internationally.

7- FUE hair transplant cost Average in Thailand 5,200 USD.

Thailand is and has been a popular destination for medical tourists from the United States and Australia, with many of their hospitals/Clinics forming dedicated departments to provide to their international hair transplant patients. Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok, Bangkok sees hundreds of thousands of medical tourists each year and the average cost of a hair transplant in Thailand is 5,200 USD.

8- FUE hair transplant cost Average in UK 7,000 USD.

With the National Health Service not covering the costs of a hair transplant, a patient would have to work out an average of 7,000 USD for a hair transplant procedure in the United Kingdom. With London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasglow and Manchester having specialist hair transplant hospitals/clinics, many hair transplant procedure patients prefer to travel to United Kingdom’s main cities rather than out in the country for accessibility purposes.

9- FUE hair transplant cost Average in The United States of America 16,000 USD.

Over 250,000 patients underwent a hair transplant procedure in the United States in 2016. Having built a good reputation for themselves, the specialist hair transplant procedure clinics in the USA in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Miami and New York continue to be popular with hair transplant procedure patients despite their high price tags. The average price of a hair transplant in the United States is 16,000 USD.

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