What is the difference between clinic & hospital and their definitions?

The clinic & hospital are medical institutions where patients go for treatment and medical care. However, there is a small difference between them. The hospital may be a public or private sector where patients are admitted for treatment. At the same time, the clinic is a health center or the place where the doctor analyzes sick patients, prescribes medication, and gives instructions about how to use the medicine.

The clinic & hospital are the two words that are undeniably different from each other. Hospital is a healthcare organization, which provides patients with treatment by expert staff and equipment. The hospital was derived from the Latin word ‘hospes’ or ‘hospitalis’, meaning ‘hospitable’. Professional physicians, surgeons, and nurses manage it. It is a 24-hour health center where patients are admitted for treatment of various diseases. Patients of two types can be treated in the hospital: outpatients and inpatients. Outpatients are the one who leaves without staying all night. Inpatients are admitted and stay overnight or for a few days, weeks or months. There are several doctors in the hospital to treat patients. A well-known type of hospital is a general hospital, which was created to solve many problems. In the hospital, there are several departments, which are managed by individual employees.

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Speaking of the clinic,

this is the place where outpatients are provided with the medical examination, medical care, or advice for their health. Patients go to the clinic for treatment, therapy, or diagnosis and then leave without staying up all night. This is a kind of hospital department, where the doctor talks with patients about their specific health issue. The patient discusses his problem with the doctor, and the doctor can prescribe them some medicines. The clinic usually works from four to five hours a day. Therefore, despite the differences between the clinic & hospital, they are very similar to each other because of medical services they provide.

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