What is tooth replacement cost UK? Implants, dentures, and bridges

According to statistics, 130,000,000 Englishmen do not have at least one tooth, 25,000,000 do not have back teeth, and a whopping 15,000,000 do not have any teeth. The sad reality is that the vast bulk of these people are experiencing difficulties with talking, eating,  and even smiling because they have missing teeth. The only great deterrent to solving full or partial edentulism (the conditions of toothless) is limited tooth replacement cost UK.

The cost of dental implants, dentures, and bridges can be very high. And although dental insurance can help cover some of your personal expenses, the truth remains that most policies impose restrictions on benefits paid with annual maximums or even the entire exclusion of some procedures or dentists (unless they are included in the list of covered procedures or participating suppliers).

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Every tooth replacement cost UK is different

Unfortunately, most commercially available dental insurance policies shift most of the financial responsibility for basic dental care – including the tooth replacement cost UK – directly on the shoulders of the patient. Modern technology has allowed us to more often use dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth than even a few years ago.

However, there is a prevailing belief that implants are much more expensive than other replacement procedures. Obviously, every tooth replacement cost UK is different because not all dental practices are the same. In every city, you will find practices such as boutique, clinics based on insurance, and various types of practice between them. The philosophy of patient care combined with the geographical location and compared fee schedules are as different are as diverse as the dentists themselves and the patients they are treating.

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