What is tummy tuck surgery and how to plan it?

A flat and firm abdomen is a sign of an excellent body shape. A tummy tuck surgery which is personalized with all your requirements can truly help you change your abdominal image for many years. Tummy tuck surgery is a surgical operation to tighten the abdomen, which removes excess fat and skin tissue, eliminates defects in the skin of the abdomen. A tummy tuck surgery reshapes and tightens the abdomen. It will help to produce slimmer and a more aesthetically charming appearance. Obtaining a firmer and flatter midsection can completely enhance the way your clothing looks and fits. After tummy tuck surgery, people usually feel more comfortable and confident and in their body.

Tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) is performed after a significant decrease in body weight, childbirth, with a weakness of the muscular framework, the presence of flabbiness, folds and stretch marks on the skin of the lower abdomen. Also with the help of abdominoplasty, it is possible to correct gross postoperative sutures on the abdomen below the navel. Abdominoplasty is the ideal way to solve the “abdominal problem”. The tummy tuck surgery is not a method of treating obesity and does not contribute to weight loss. However, with the help of this operation, it is possible to restore the aesthetic proportions of the abdomen to make it flat and tight.

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A flat and firm abdomen is a sign of an excellent body shape. A tummy tuck which is personalized to all your requirements can truly help you change your ...

Tummy tuck surgery of the abdomen can be recommended by a plastic surgeon in the following cases:

  • a tightening of the abdomen after childbirth (the most common reason for such an operation in women);
  • saggy belly (“apron”), the presence of excess skin as a result of strong weight loss, hormonal or endocrine imbalance;
  • an umbilical hernia;
  • postoperative scars and postnatal stretch marks of the lower abdomen;
  • divergence (diastasis) of the rectus abdominal muscles;
  • the weakening of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall;
  • simultaneous conduct of abdominoplasty and liposuction.

It can be argued that tummy tuck surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery in the world because the problem of fat deposits in the abdomen and waist, the reduction of the elasticity of the abdominal skin, the formation of the so-called “apron” exists both in women and men, thin and overweight people. This is because our body is in some way “programmed” to accumulate fat primarily in the abdomen to protect the lower ribs and internal organs from external influences.

The goal is to eliminate excess abdominal skin that cannot be removed by exercise and diet – for example, after pregnancy or after losing a lot of weight. It is significant to note that a tummy tuck surgery always creates scarring on the belly. Scars after a tummy tuck are usually noticeable and long. Your doctor will discuss all these choices with you when you go to a consultation. You and your surgeon will review the outcomes you want and the doctor will determine the suitable procedure during the consultation.  In order to keep the results of tummy tuck surgery for a long time, plastic surgeons do not recommend this operation for women planning pregnancy and childbirth in the next few years.

After the tummy tuck surgery or the next day, the patient is discharged and comes to the clinic for dressings. Evaluate the type of abdomen after abdominoplasty can be done right away. To save the results, you must follow the following recommendations:

  • You can start working 2-3 days later.
  • 10-12 days after abdominoplasty, seams can be removed, depending on the suture material used (absorbable or non-absorbable).
  • Within 1 month after the operation, it is necessary to wear special compression underwear, which not only fixes the tissues in a new position but also speeds up the healing process and reduces swelling.
  • From 3 to 6 months, depending on the type and volume of the operation, it is necessary to refrain from heavy physical work, intensive sports activities, thermal influences and visits to solariums.
  • After 3-5 months the tissues are restored completely, and the patient can do his favourite things and enjoy his or her appearance.

Moreover, after a week in bed, you will most likely want to start moving. Approximately at this time, you should try to become more active. However, do not overdo it, because the neoplasm between the skin layer and the muscle layer is fragile and can be easily damaged, which will lead to accumulation of fluid. After one week, you should get up and walk around the room at least several times a day. It helps to move muscles, helps to breathe and significantly reduces the risk of blood clots in the legs. In the third week, you will be feeling much better. You will be ready to begin moving about the home more quickly. Then after 1-2 weeks more, you will probably be capable to return to your regular activities.

Despite a long period of full recovery, the first results of the tummy tuck surgery will be visible in about three weeks, when most of the bruises, hematomas, and swelling will disappear. However, slight puffiness will persist for up to three months. At the same time, the sensitivity to the operated abdominal tissues will return (at the beginning many women complain of a feeling of “stiff” skin). In six months or a year, the skin on your tightened tummy will become soft again. After ten or twenty years … nothing will change! You will endlessly enjoy your flat belly.

The organization of the surgery

The main stage in the organization of tummy tuck surgery is not even the surgery itself, but the choice of the medical institution and doctor. An important criterion in this choice is the compliance of the medical institution with international standards. The availability of appropriate certificates will guarantee you a quality treatment. Well, if you are thinking about tummy tuck surgery, make sure that the hospital or clinic is registered with the appropriate regulatory bodies, which check hospitals and clinics and to see that their standards practices are respected and the surgery is carried out in a safe atmosphere.

Each country has its own system of certification of medical institutions. Be sure to check that the hospital, clinic or medical centre has a license for the provision of medical services in general, not only a tummy tuck surgery. Moreover, a sign of the importance of hospitals, quality of care and treatment is the availability of links between the treatment facility and major prestigious universities, as well as with companies providing health services. Ordinarily, information about such links can be found on the official website of the medical institution, in the section “About Us”. The lack of a hospital’s own website should lead you to the idea that, perhaps, this is not the institution where you would like to be treated. All large, prestigious, certified hospitals and clinics for tummy tuck surgery are necessarily represented on the Internet.

Nevertheless, it is best when choosing a clinic or hospital for an abdominoplasty to rely on the opinion of a person you know, based on his or her personal experience. In this case, you will receive first-hand information from the person you trust. In those cases where you do not have such a person, you should pay attention to such points as the phone number on the company’s website. If the site lists only mobile phone numbers, then almost certainly one can conclude that it is a single-agent intermediary who does not even have an office.

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