Where can I find the best hair transplant price and clinic?

Nowadays Hair transplant procedures became one of the aggressive competition in the world, and all who interested in procedure ask Where is the best hair transplant price and where is the best clinic?

To answer their question we should understand the full background for hair transplant procedure.

In this blog, we will try to explain all the points disagreement and all the misunderstanding.

to choose the best hair transplant price we should know that the price of the procedure related to the country, number of the grafts,  the type of procedure, the doctor who performs the procedure and the quality.

So we can see For example the procedure cost in India around 700$, while the cost in turkey around 1500$-2500$ and that depends on all the points which we mention above. Also, the prices relate to the type of procedure (FUE, FUT, CHOI PENS) exactly as price relate to who will perform the procedure (surgeon, assistant surgeon, doctor) and the number of grafts which plan by the expert to implant it.

Best hair transplant price will be when the patient finds the best hair clinic and the surgeon who has a perfect reputation so he will implant the possible number of grafts and quality of the surgery depending on the modern devices and the team of the expert assistant surgeon.

In the world, nearly in every country, you may find some clinics that make hair transplantation surgeries. But In Turkey, and in India you can find the top quality of hair transplantation Hospitals/clinics. The reason is that these two countries have lots of Hospitals/clinics that are %100 dedicated to this art. And most people from different countries visit Turkey and India for this purpose. Therefore the Hospitals/clinics in Turkey and India are experienced in this art while they have much more cases when compared with other countries. we called as an art cause if the hair transplantation procedure is done by wrong hands, the look will be like grass head. The angle of the incisions is very important. Also, hairline designed for you should be natural. And only experienced clinics and teams can do that.

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Which is the best hair transplant clinic?

Best hair transplant in Every Hospital/clinic, doctor or person has its own criterion of claiming supremacy and letting others know about it. Many people resort to the paid advertisement, awards, celebrities and what not, just to get noticed. Hair transplant has become a big industry with corp-orates coming into it and a lot of branding is being done. A lot is being said & done in the field of hair transplant, but everything is revolving around money and fake advertising. There are many ways for best hair transplant, how a very ordinary work can be shown to look awesome by photographic tricks. And the loser here is the patient who is looking with hope and really wants to get his hair back. And it’s just not about getting your hair back, it is about the way they look.

We do not suppose in fake awards, instead, our biggest award is the smile on our patient’s face after a miraculous transformation of his mind, body and soul. We won’t claim that we are the best, but one thing is for sure that once you know about us, you won’t go anywhere else.

Some major facts which one should always consider while choosing a hair transplant procedure clinic:

  1. The hospital/clinic should be run by a doctor, it should not be a franchise based businessmen run the clinic. A lot of Hospitals/clinics are run on this concept in India and across the globe, where the clinics act as just booking agents and outsource the work to technicians.
  2. If the Hospital/clinic has multiple branches all across the country, you will definitely find it convenient. But the main doctor himself or his best team won’t be available at all the centres. Patients at those centres will be at mercy of technicians or novice doctors.
  3. Most of the Hospitals/clinics are preparing only one method of best hair transplant procedures, either FUT or FUE procedure. So it becomes really hard to get an honest opinion regarding all the available treatment options. The clinic doing only FUT procedure will tell you good things about FUT procedure and will discourage about FUE procedure and vice versa. Make sure that the clinic which you are choosing is expert in doing both FUT and FUE procedure.

Which is the best hair transplant method? Why?

Best Hair Transplant Surgery Types and Their Advantages:

What is the best hair transplant?

Best hair transplant procedure FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction):

FUE hair transplant is Best hair transplant procedure is a no-stitch procedure in which grafted follicular units are implanted in the area where is bald, that gives the best result in terms of hair density gained and reduces the possibility of scars. This method is especially useful in cases of exemplar baldness which is technically known as androgenic alopecia. The doctor begins by extracting follicular units out of donor area. The last step consists of implantation of these extracted follicles to create the hairline as per consultation instructed by the patient. This hair transplant procedure is less painful compared to earlier transplant treatments and they tend to produce more advantages also.

Advantages of FUE procedure:

1- Best hair transplant helps to restore your balding, receding and thinning hair

2- Ensures a natural looking hairline

3- Low risk of complications

4- Less downtime to heal the wounds

5- Minimal post-operative discomfort

6- Invisible linear scars or stitches

Who should opt for FUE procedure?

1- People with a smaller area of baldness.

2- Who needs fast recovery from surgery.

3- People who scare from surgery, cuts, and stitches.

4- Suitable for active lifestyle persons like sportsmen.

Best hair transplant FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation):

Best hair transplant FUT procedure is the latest invention for hair transplantation world. It is the procedure in which a piece of suitable skin from the right position on the scalp is chosen for the hair transplant. This piece of skin will then be cut out and grafted on to the area of the scalp where hair needs replenishing. After the skin has been cut out, the wound will be closed by suturing the edges of the skin together. FUT has a bigger yield when it comes to hair restoration. And this can be the main thing for many patients because they are willing to have a long, thin scar on the back of their heads in favour of a higher yield of hair and better results.

Advantages of best hair transplant FUT procedure:

1- A large number of Follicles can be transplanted in one session

2- The high survival rate of hair follicles

3- Lower resection rate (Depends upon the skills of Surgeon)

4- Cost-effective treatment

5- Less time to achieve hair restoration growth

6- Yields better quality hair follicles

Who should opt for Best hair transplant FUT procedure?

1- People with a larger area of baldness

2- For those who desirous of pruning treatment times

3- People who are not averse to cuts, scars and long recovery period.

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