Which infertility treatment is the most popular and effective?

The causes of infertility can be health problems in both women and men. Male infertility is the cause of the inability to conceive in 46-48% of couples. At the same time, the indicator characterizing female infertility is slightly higher and amounts to 52-54%. There are also cases of combined infertility when both of the spouses have problems that prevent them from conceiving a child. Violation of reproductive function in both partners occurs in 30% of cases. However, couples should not be upset because there are many ways of infertility treatment.

Infertility treatment technologies for women and men

In recent years, infertility treatment technologies for women and men are developing so intensively that they can help even in the most difficult cases. The most effective method is IVF (in vitro fertilization). This is an auxiliary reproductive technology, in which the processes of fertilization of the egg and the initial stages of embryo development take place in the laboratory. To date, IVF is the most effective technology for infertility treatment. The procedure can be performed using donor germ cells and used in the surrogate motherhood program.

In vitro fertilization is a relatively young technique of infertility treatment and it was first used in 1978, England. However, such attempts were made 200 years ago. The IVF procedure is effective in those forms of infertility when it is not possible to eliminate the cause of obstructing conception. For example, after ectopic pregnancies when one or both fallopian tubes are removed; after inflammatory diseases when patency of the fallopian tubes is broken and it is impossible to restore it.

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