Who is a good candidate for tummy tuck Belfast?

Many problems in the abdominal area can be difficult to remove with the help of diets or exercise. Women after the birth of a child lose their former elasticity of muscle; unpleasant stretch marks appear on the abdomen, the skin sags. In addition, the condition of the skin and muscles can be badly affected by caesarean section. People who have lost too much weight and do not seem to be able to get rid of excess skin. However, all this can be corrected by a tummy tuck Belfast or so-called abdominoplasty. However, this operation does not belong to the category of easy. You need to carefully prepare for it. Who is a good candidate for abdominoplasty?

Good candidates for the tummy tuck Belfast will be those people who have an excess of skin, loose muscles and some excess fat. This often occurs after pregnancy. Moreover, it is desirable that after this, the woman did not plan to become pregnant again for several years because this can spoil the result and in the end, the whole procedure turns out to be useless. So, the best patients for this operation are those, whose weight is within 20% of their ideal body weight. Other good candidates are patients who had significant weight loss, resulting in sagging skin, which is difficult to get rid of.

During the tummy tuck Belfast, sagging skin is reduced and the abdominal muscles are excess and tightened, leaving the midsection better and flatter toned and improving a protruding abdomen. A tummy tuck is a very popular procedure for both women and men. The abdomen can lose shape for various reasons. Most often, women think about tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) after pregnancy and childbirth or lost weight. A certain proportion of patients who want this procedure are aged people because over the years muscles and the skin loses its elasticity and this cannot be corrected by diet. Nevertheless, the decision about any cosmetic procedure is totally personal, and patients prefer to have a tummy tuck Belfast for various reasons. The best candidates are nonsmokers, are at or near the perfect body weight level, are in a healthy state and have vivid expectations about what operation can achieve for them.

Do you need to lose weight before tummy tuck Belfast? Losing weight can make the result of the operation only better, especially if the doctor recommends it. In fact, the tummy tuck is precisely in the plastic, that is – the tightening of the muscles and skin. Removal of adipose tissue during surgery is not so significant. Therefore, than closer a person to his ideal body weight, than better for him.

As noted earlier, the essence of the operation is in the plasticity of the skin and muscles, and therefore, it is also well applicable to men who acquire a tummy with age. Therefore, they can also be excellent candidates for this procedure. During abdominoplasty, the doctor usually removes some excess fat, if any. Also, if necessary, fat can be removed from the sides by a liposuction method.

With tummy tuck Belfast, doctors use general anaesthesia since the operation is quite long, and in addition, it is necessary that the patient does not allow any unnecessary movements in the process. However, in exceptional cases, as a rule, with mini-abdominoplasty, local anaesthesia with sedation can be used so that the patient is relaxed and not worried during the operation.

With the help of tummy tuck Belfast, you can easily get rid of stretch marks that are below the navel. The same ones that are above the navel are pulled down but not removed. At the same time, they become less noticeable. The operation always leaves a rather wide scar, which during full abdominoplasty passes over the level of the pubic region from one pelvic bone to the other. With a mini tummy tuck, the scar will be smaller. The type of scars will depend on the condition of the patient’s skin and correct post-operative care. With all the medical recommendations, the scars become less noticeable and become whitish over time, in addition, they are almost impossible to notice under the linen or swimsuit.

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Will the result of tummy tuck Belfast remain forever or can it disappear with time?

The result of tummy tuck Belfast will be constant, and will not go away if the patient does not “play” with weight, because a sudden weight loss or vice versa, weight gain, and pregnancy can negatively affect the outcome of the tummy tuck procedure. However, doctors do not advise resorting to abdominoplasty immediately after the birth of a child and during lactation. After pregnancy, the body of a woman may change for a while. It can take a year or more. As soon as it becomes clear that postpartum changes have stopped, you can safely turn to a plastic surgeon.

Moreover, Medicine in the UK (included Belfast) began its development in the late 40ies of the 20 century. The government of the country has developed a new health care system and put it into operation. It is called the National Health Service (NHS). If you are considering a tummy tuck Scotland, you should necessarily check so-called the Care Quality Commission website for treatment centres that can complete a tummy tuck. All independent hospitals and clinics that present cosmetic surgery in the UK must be registered with the CQC (the Care Quality Commission), which announces performance ratings and inspection reports to assist people to choose carefully.

Special attention in Belfast is paid to the education and qualifications of specialists. Students can get the higher medical education in many state universities. There are ongoing programs to upgrade the skills of medical personnel. The United Kingdom is the world leader in scientific research in the field of medicine, more than 100 scientific research centers operate on its territory. In addition, there are research departments in many large hospitals. The best doctors of the world level practice in the Belfast hospitals. Among them are professors of university clinics, doctors of sciences, members of the Royal Association of Physicians.

Benefits of the tummy tuck Belfast:

  • High level of training of specialists. All English doctors, in addition to standard training at the university (who educate in accordance with world standards), are internships in the best clinics in Europe and the United States.
  • England occupies the leading place in the number of discoveries and scientific works in the field of medicine, physiology and pharmacology. The time between the confirmation of the effectiveness of the tool or method in clinical trials and its implementation into practice is minimal.
  • According to one of the most competent sources in the field of international medical tourism, England ranks first in the quality of medical services.

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