Why is it better to know about procedure from hair transplant Turkey forum?

Nowadays, everyone can read on hair transplant Turkey forum that both male and female alopecia can be caused by a variety of different causes. In the case when the treatment of baldness does not lend itself to medical therapy, the only possible way to restore the natural density and return the hair to the desired volume is transplantation. Hair transplant Turkey is currently carried out according to two methods. The first is the “Strip” technology (patchy transplant method) and the second one is called “FUE”, the seamless method.

Hair Transplant Turkey

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Difference between FUE and Strip methods on hair transplant Turkey forum

Before you do the hair transplant, you need to visit hair transplant Turkey forum and read about the difference between these methods. In short, the seamless “FUE” method does not require the cutting of skin on the occiput to remove follicles. However, this method requires high professionalism from the medical staff. “Strip” method involves the fence of the follicle from the occipital part of the head by cutting off small strips of skin that contain a significant number of units for transplantation. After the procedure, small scars remain, which eventually turn into stripes that are thick in strings, which easily hide under the hair.

Apparently, each of the methods has its own disadvantages and advantages, therefore only highly qualified specialists will select the most suitable and effective for your method of transplantation. This will be a big plus for you if you are familiar with these methods from hair transplant Turkey forum before your procedure.

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The reason is price and quality. I can’t imagine a better service than one I had there. Just check the prices here

Anny Steven

Very good information, I decided to hair transplant with Dr. CInic.