Hollywood Smile in Turkey is a very preferable and wise option for people that comes to Turkey from abroad for smile makeover treatment.

Hollywood Smile is an aesthetic dental operation based on the ideal smile of Hollywood stars that tries to rearrange teeth to correct any smile related aesthetic concerns. 

Hollywood Smile, also known as Smile Infinity, is ideal for people who want their teeth to be precisely aligned and white. These smile designs made in Turkey not only give you a new smile, but also a new mouth. Would not it be like being born again to live with this new mouth?

The average cost of Hollywood Smile in Turkey is 3.550 USD (2.650£) which is an affordable option compared to abroad. We are doing Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir, you can choose best option for you.

Here you can find out and discover Hollywood Smile journey in Turkey. Check all the details about Hollywood Smile costs, our clinic’s patients reviews, before & after photos from the best doctors, all-inclusive packages for Hollywood Smile in Turkey.

You can get in touch with us for Hollywood Smile makeover in Turkey via WhatsApp or options below.

Treatment Details
PlacementIt is used to fill the gaps in the front teeth, correct the shape and size.
It is suitable for patients who are not satisfied with the appearance of their anterior teeth.
Processing time1-2 hours
Surgical procedureNo
Anesthesia typeLocal
Durability5 years
Warranty1 year
Recovery time1 day
AppearanceLike natural teeth
CleaningCan be cleaned like normal teeth
Accommodation3 days


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    Holywood Smile Packages

    Holywood Smile Cost in Turkey
    Holywood Smile £2.650,00 $3.550,00 €2.990,00

    Our Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey

    What are the Hollywood Smile Risks?

    Smile operations involve some risks:

    • Can cause tooth sensitivity: Dental dentures and crowns that require teeth grinding are included in Hollywood smiles. After tooth preparation, some people experience pain and sensitivity. It usually goes away with time, but in some sick people, it takes longer and becomes more severe, making it difficult to bear.
    • They are incompatible: Your natural smile is altered by a Hollywood smile. Sometimes the change does not correspond to your physical appearance. You will have an unnatural and mismatched appearance. The first step is to avoid having too many whitened teeth. You must first select the appropriate white level for your face and skin tone.
    • Beauty Can Be Uncomfortable: After the Hollywood smile, there is some discomfort and heaviness. The primary cause is just the presence of foreign bodies in your mouth, which can set off your natural response. These emotional states are usually fleeting, and consulting with your dentist can help to alleviate them.
    • Perfect Plans…. No Irritation: The dental crowns and veneers contain your natural teeth and connect directly to your gums. They can irritate the gums and cause an allergic reaction in some people. The right choice and an ideal plan for one Hollywood smile can alleviate the discomfort.
    • It takes a few days before it returns to normal.: Few people struggle after seeing Hollywood smiles. It’s only been there for a few days while you adjust to your teeth done makeover. For a few days, stick to a soft diet and avoid hard foods.
    • Your dentist should be aware of this: Unseen factor and trauma can easily traumatize a Hollywood smile. If you have a habit of bruise and night teeth grinding, you run the risk of damaging your veneers and crowns due to excessive grinding force. 

    Holywood Smile Before & After

    How much does Hollywood Smile cost in Turkey?

    Hollywood smile treatment, one of the most popular aesthetic dental treatments in the world, is one of the successful dental treatments in Turkey. Hollywood smile cost in Turkey is made with prices starting from $3,550. This price can be variable. 

    The drill and quality of the material used in the treatment, the number of teeth to be applied and the condition of the patient are the factors that can change the prices. At this price, there is no Hollywood smile treatment in other countries. The reason for this is that all dental treatments are very affordable in Turkey.

    Hollywood Smile Cost in Turkey vs UK

    If you are considering having a Hollywood smile, but are unsure of how much it costs, consider spending your money in Turkey. While the cost of a Hollywood smile procedure can around 2.650£, the additional savings you can expect will help you offset the costs of airfare and hotel accommodations. 

    The costs of a Hollywood smile procedure are significantly lower in Turkey, and you can also enjoy the benefits of a vacation while receiving the treatment.

    Although the cost of a Hollywood smile procedure in Turkey is much lower than in the UK, you should expect to pay a higher sum in the UK. This is due to the fact that Turkey is a country that specializes in cosmetic dentistry.

    Dentists are highly qualified and dedicated to providing a high level of care and are committed to excellence in their field. It is not uncommon for patients to pay more than the equivalent procedure in the UK.

    A Hollywood smile treatment is a complete makeover of teeth. It involves fitting crowns and veneers to all visible teeth in the mouth, including premolars. The timing of a Hollywood smile procedure will depend on the condition of your teeth, including whether you need dental implants or RCT. 

    There are two ways to compare the costs of a Hollywood smile procedure between Turkey and the UK. The procedure can cost up to four thousand pounds in the UK, but the price can vary greatly between countries.

    Best Hollywood Smile Dentists in Turkey

    Dt. Hatice

    Hollywood Smile Reviews in Turkey

    Harry Cox
    Harry Cox
    Read More
    I had 20 zirconium crowns, the overall service was 10/10, the clinic is nice, clean and professional. All the staff from the patient coordinators, the driver, the dentist, assistants were very helpful and friendly. If you are thinking to come here don’t think about it just come!
    Robert Cow
    Robert Cow
    Read More
    Everyone at the clinic is very helpful and makes you feel comfortable as you are at hometown. They really do their job very well and professional. Now I have amazing teeth and not embarrassed anymore to smile. So pleased and grateful! Great price great holiday I couldn’t ask for more!
    Allison Erik
    Allison Erik
    Read More
    Perfect service from start to finish! I had 4 dental implants, sinus lift, root canal treatment on my first visit. Every single tooth was covered with zirconium crowns for a complete smile design. I’d highly recommend this place! In the UK prices are way out of my range, here you get the affordable prices and the best service!
    Paula Entwistle
    Paula Entwistle
    Read More
    I had 12 implants and complete new top and bottom teeth, price and quality of service was amazing! Be sure that you will get the best treatment here. So far I had no problem with my new teeth. Thank you all guys!
    Fatima Abdjul
    Fatima Abdjul
    Read More
    I got my dental implant work done through Letsmedi Group and although I was extremely nervous for the procedure, my worries pretty much fade away shortly after arrival. They take me from airport directly to the hotel. After 1 day resting they took me to the dental clinic for my zirconium crown treatment. Everything was quite perfect, i had 2 extra tooth to be extracted. They done it for free. I was so glad about it. They are so clear about the price, there is no hidden costs. I'm very grateful to the team and would highly recommend them.


    Multiple programs can be applied. Tooth veneers, gum treatments, teeth whitening and similar procedures will bring a bright smile. Not all requests can be made for everyone. Sometimes only 2 programs are sufficient, sometimes 4 or 5 programs may be required. Turkey Hollywood smile is very common and reasonably priced. We also want to remind you that it provides excellent results.

    In Turkey, the price of the Hollywood smile is determined based on the procedure performed on you. Your taste may include many issues, such as eliminating health problems and making fillings when your teeth need them. At the same time, it plays an active role in many factors that determine the price, such as the type of coating and the number of teeth to be applied.

    If the patient does not have excessive yellowing and darkened teeth, home whitening is sufficient. The first teeth whitening treatment must be performed by a dentist. Apply the gutta-percha containing hydrogen peroxide 2-3 times every 15-20 minutes. The most important step in the smile design is the teeth whitening treatment. The applicable time does not exceed 15 to 20 days.

    No. Because the Hollywood Smile is purely a cosmetic procedure, most health insurers will not accept it. But this may be valid if you add it to your plan as a private option before insurance. You can discuss this with the insurance company.

    It is difficult to give a net price for this treatment. To do this, you must first take the exam. The price of Hollywood Smile depends on the program to be applied. It depends on dental veneers, implants and other treatment methods. But we can safely say that this will be the most suitable treatment for Turkey in the world. The price of Hollywood Smile is not fixed. Since the methods applicable to each patient may be different, the price will vary accordingly. For example, if the patient lacks teeth, after the implant is completed, there may be a need for restorations, or only zirconium veneers may be required. This can be completely confirmed after review by our cosmetic dentist. The prices of Hollywood smiles in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and Turkey are different.

    In cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, several branches of dentistry come together and practices are carried out. The main goal here is to make a person’s smile more beautiful, to make it better, or to solve problems with their teeth. Cosmetic Dentistry is a dental skill that combines treatments such as Bonding, teeth whitening, laminated teeth, zirconium teeth, implants, pink aesthetics, Orthodontics and prosthetic teeth and as a result creates aesthetic smile design. Cosmetic dentists in Turkey apply the most medically appropriate of these methods. Cosmetic dentists, with the help of various methods and interventions, allow people’s teeth to look much more neat and beautiful. It is very important that these interventions are performed in sterile environments, in accordance with health. He designs teeth proportional to the facial structure by examining the features on the teeth, gums and jaw structure.

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